Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ants Affair

***Been quite busy lately hence the lack of updates. Sumimasen. The story you are about to read is purely fiction and does not have anything to do with the living or even the dead for that matter.***


This is your friendly and outgoing resident photographer of BenardCometh Revelations. Today's album will be titled Antz since it will be focus on ants.

Alright, without further ado, lets move on with the pictures shall we?

Saw this group of red/fire ants while drifting mindlessly around trying to think what to capture through the lense of my trustly old Canon Powershot A70. A loyal and dedicated servant that piece of equipment is.
(If you encountered such ants, try not to get too near as they bites and believe me when I say it hurts. They are strong afterall, being able to carry things many many times their weight.)

Red Ants/Fire AntsRed/Fire ants

For the sake of BenardCometh Revelations' readers, I decided to go closer and snap a close up picture of the fire ants. Hey, I am risking my very existence here, for all I know I might be carried off to be sacrificed to their Queen Mother or something.
(And no, the zoom mechanism in my old powershot A70 is not sufficient)

Fire Ants Closeupcloser look

Fire Ants againside view

Then, they noticed that I am trying to take their pictures and being the private and shy creatures they are, the fire ants tried to flee as fast as their six legs can carry them.
(Ha, bet you don't know that ants have 6 legs. And that on each legs there are three joints. Oh well, not that it matters anyway.)

Fire Ants runningRun~~Run~~
The big bad camera is coming
Summon the Ant Shaman~~~~

Suddenly out of nowhere, a big ass ant appeared and begins to wave its six legs around and uttered something along the line ,"May the Force be With You". Holy mother ant, the ant shaman conjured out of thin air a curious looking plant and then the ant shaman disappeared as abruptly as it appears.
(those who are wondering why there are no picture of the ant shaman , it is simply because the camera refuse to function and also why the ant shaman can speak human language. Well, Helloooo~~~, ant shaman = magic??? ring any bells?)

Plantthe plant

It seems that my attention is focused on the plant and not on the ants anymore as I grew fascinated by the plant and take more pictures of it. Damn you ant shaman.

Plant1The Plant

All of a sudden, I forget the purpose of me kneeling on the floor with the camera in my hands as I see the fire ants running about with their daily activities oblivious of their surroundings.

Dismissing the weird sensation, I divert my attention to the sky and begin snapping away with my trusty canon powershot A70. Thinking back now, OMG I have been brain washed by the ant shaman. Oh, the shame, the agony, the humiliation.


CloudsClouds again

Anyway, at the end I finally learnt a valuable lesson. The reason why the ant shaman did what it did is because the ant shaman wants to tell me that I have potential in me and that the sky is the limit.
(If not why on earth would I suddenly take the pictures of the sky right? Am I right? or Am I right?)

Great, now I am delusional.

I need to stop here and get some professional help before I start to imagine that there are flying pigs.

Wait. There ARE flying pigs.

Don't believe?

See it for yourself then.

Flying pigsflying pig


  1. eeeewwww~ the ants thing is really gross~~!!!

  2. Wha!! the ant shaman so geng 1 ar??
    Is he for hire?
    I want to see pigs fly too!

  3. Great pics of the pigs..i mean clouds =)

  4. *reading blog*
    oh a plant. darn. I think that ant shaman got me too.

  5. I don't like ants. If I see a line of ants, I kill them, :P hehehehehehehe Joking! :P Except fire ants, I'll just leave them alone. :P

  6. -et3rnal-: Erm, in a way i guess.

    3point8: Hahahaha. I would not know..

    keeyit: oh, how so? We have a lot to learn from ants. =p

    mariposa: Yes, nice clouds indeed. =p

    km: Oh, be careful there... =p

    宝茹: Yeah, better or else they would retaliate.


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