Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mushroom Yum Yum BenardCometh Style


This is the ever hungry resident chef of BenardCometh Revelation. Today recipe will be the Mushroom Yum Yum BenardCometh Style.
(Stop laughing at the name. It is impolite. MMMMMkay...)

Anyway, this is one hell of a tasty dish. Heavenly would be the correct word. This dish can be served for vegetarians who would want their dish to look like meat. Yeah, they cannot eat meat being vegetarian, yet they desire to eat things that looks like meat. Oh, yeah. That is no problem there.

Alright, lets have a look at the ingredients.

Abalone Mushroom.
(Fuh yooo, abalone wor)
Kentucky Frying Powder
(this is very powderful, my choice of powder)
Five Spices Powder
(Who on their right minds doesn't like spices???)
Pineapple Cubes
(Fresh pineapple would be better- but Yours Truly just don't bother)

Minor Ingredients
Corn Flour
Cooking oil
Green and Red Capsicum
Tomato Sauce
Chili Sauce
White Vinegar
Now, first things first. The reason why abalone mushrooms is chosen is because this type of mushroom have the meaty texture.

Wash the mushrooms, then marinate the abalone mushrooms with salt and the five-spice powder. Set aside for around 30 minutes to let the spices set in.

After that mix corn flour, and the Kentucky frying powder and some black pepper is you want in a large bowl and proceed to coat the mushrooms. After that, heat up the oil in the pan or wok then deep-fry the mushrooms until golden brown. Set aside the mushrooms and proceed to the next step.
Stir-fry some chopped garlic, tomato, capsicums and pineapple then add the tomato sauce, chilli sauce, some salt, some sugar, white vinegar, and add in a little bit of water to make the sauce. When the sauce boils, pour some corn flour mixed with water to make the sauce thicker and not so watery.

After that add in the fried mushrooms and mix together for a while and then pour to a plate. There, ready for consumption.

One delicious mushroom disguised as meat dish completed. YUM YUM.
Mushroom Yum Yum

Very the nice I tell you.


  1. huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

    IST HALAL? hahahha

  2. I can't do this comments thingy below my posts in my blog~~ :((

  3. hungry now..

  4. Marllyanna: Yeah, it is vegetarian food, so I would think that is Halal. All the i9ngredients are halal also i think.

    宝茹: Oh? How so? Need any help?

    Alice: Go eat... =p

  5. Mmmm.. Looks good. Shall try the recipe next time.


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