Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Enter The Puppeh

***Woof ***Woof***

This is the English speaking puppy puppeh at BenardCometh Revelations leaving my paw print here. ***Woof***
(Yes, I is very the clever)

While the master is away, the puppeh comes out to play. Actually, the puppeh wants to reveal all misery and depression caused by the Master upon the cute and adorable puppeh. Me. ***Woof***
(Yes, I is very cure and adorable)

The Master likes to do weird things and most of the time this puppeh is involved. Today I am forced to reveal to the world the things done to me that makes me feel depressed. ***Woof***

There is this one day when this puppeh is sleeping. Suddenly this puppeh feels very very warm. Very warm. ***Woof***

I is a puppeh cocoon

I am freaking encased in a stocking. A Stocking. What the Woof. Thinking that it's just a dream, this puppeh continues to sleep. ***Woof***

After a while, this puppeh is still feeling warm. Very warm. I is still encased in a freaking stoking. See, how am I not depressed? ***Woof***

I is still a puppeh cocoon

I tried as hard as I could but this puppeh is still encased in the stocking. Arghhhh, Freedom. So near, yet so far. ***Woof***


The trying to get free part is very tiring. This puppeh then decided to just sleep it off rather than waste energy. This puppeh knows that the Master is observing the suffering and struggling. This puppeh will not be fooled. Will just sleep it off. ***Woof***

But, the Master doesn't like this and decided to annoy this puppeh by persistently disturbing this puppeh when this puppeh wants to sleep. This puppeh is very the annoyed. ***Woof***
(Yes, this puppeh also don't know why he refers himself as this puppeh for so many times.)

The Puppeh is sleeping

Still Sleeping

Still able to keep my mah cool. The key is to ignore the stupid human fool and sooner or later, that human fool will get bored and leave this puppeh alone. ***Woof***


Oh, poor is me. The Master is very persistent as hell in the quest to annoy this cure and adorable puppeh. Oh, what have I done to deserve this? ***Woof***


Aha. this puppeh knows of a way to scare off the human fool. Pretend to sleep and when the human fool is close enough, use the shock treatment by showing the menacing facial expression. ***Woof***

Steady steady

Be Afraid
Be Very Very Afraid
I is very Scary

HA, I won against the human fool. The Master has lost. Bet you are all scared too. I is the puppeh. I is the big bad puppeh and king of the WORLD. Sort of. ***Woof***


Now all hail the Puppeh



  1. it face very innocent leh...

  2. Wooohh~~ that's the cutest thing!!! ^_^

  3. oh wow..poor puppeh..kena stuck in smelly sock!

    Love the last pic =)

  4. i like the doggie so much....very cute and innocent, small in size too. :)

  5. i noticed that u still take number '4' as ur favorite ah~!

  6. iCalvyn: Sure is innocent being that still a puppy. heh

    宝茹: Yeah!!!!

    Mariposa: Same here. It is almost like the puppy is ready for some action. =p
    Sidekick puppeh.

    Indrawati: Puppy all the way.... =p

    Ed: Woh, that is random and not relevant to the post... =p


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