Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Clara Belle and Her Ukulele

Found this on Youtube. Great voice, Great talent and Beautiful. Need I say more? I do believe that she would make it big someday. =p

Now, who exactly is Clara? From her YouTube's profile.Directly quoted.
Clara Belle: born January 1983, raised in Osaka Japan by a Scottish mother and a Japanese father. Her mother, dedicated to a world peace movement, named her for the 'clarity' she would bring into the world. Clara and her 2 younger siblings had a very cross-cultured and unique upbringing.
Her grandparents, who originate from Okinawa, surrounded Clara with the traditional island music and culture, whilst her Jazz-loving father exposed her to a lot of Jazz from an early age. Her mother would listen to The Beatles, Carpenters, Carole King and some Celtic music. Clara settled in Scotland for the latter part of her schooling, and then moved on to study music at university in London.
After graduating, she juggled being a music teacher whilst carrying on with her music projects. She has created her own unique style, developed from blending her understanding of the cultural strands of the East and the West, and reflects her new way of seeing the world in which we are presently living.

There, some info about her. The Ukulele is some sort like a guitar's relative or something and OMG, it has a name. The Ukulele is named Alfred. So, its Clara+Alfred = Great Music. =p

Probably she is named after the famous cartoon cow of which apparently is her favorite.

Enough of that. Lets hear some nice music ya?

Miss Want It All


Summer Face

There. Enjoy.

The following is totally unrelated to this post. Just thought that this is damn hilarious. A must share.
Get it? Best antiVIRUS Protection.
(Will the real author please stand up-Easier for me to give credit-You are one heck of a funny guy)

And yes, I am easily amused.


  1. regardless of the post itself ..
    the antivirus caught my attention
    before i'm able to click on the video.
    so ..
    i'm totally not at fault here. XD

  2. Yeah, I noticed that also... My bad... =p

  3. Stumbled on yer page while looking for info regarding Clara Belle. It seems that her myspace page is down.

    Does she have a personal site? I would really like to hear new music and updates. I still have her old youtube demos on my Ipod.


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