Friday, July 13, 2007

Updates to the Sibu Bullying

The Sheer Idiocy
*Posing for the camera after the bullying*

**Again, DOES NOT say that it is alright to do crime providing that you are not caught or in this case posing for the camera...=p**

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Green Smiley = Bullies ..... Blue Smiley= Victim

** The faces have been replaced with smiley to protect those kids. Yes...KIDS...... especially the victim. See..... I am a nice guy after all....=p**

Referring to the previous post that concerns the bullying in Sibu. The bullies had been suspended from school for two weeks. The victim only dare to report to the police when the video was spread through the Internet and the police did not even do anything since there were no more injuries on his body. So it says. With the police going to the concerned schools to counsel the affected parties. (Eastern Times, Friday July 13)

The injuries that heal doesn't means that the incident never happened. And if beating up or causing harm to another person is not crime, then I don't know what crime is. Yes, those boys should be given second chances. Everyone deserve chances but bullying cases has been there unsolved for as long as I can remember, every time there any cases in school they tried to hide it from the media and not to make a big deal out of it. Well, that little small things, if accumulated and left unattended could be disastrous.

And yes, bullying is always linked to gangsterism. The bullies often felt that they are powerful because they know someone outside or even have their so called big brothers to back them up. And that, ladies and gentlemen gives them the right to bully. However, some bullying cases are done by those who have larger gang in school and the larger your gang is, the more powerful you get or so it seems.

Instead of trying to prevent bullying cases and seriously implement policy to deter bullying, normally the school and parents resort to conceal the matter. No big matter they say, just normal kids fighting. Yeah right, keep telling that to yourself. Remember my last post regarding the matter? The Virginia Tech Shootings? And also countless similar incidents that happened because of bullying. The only comfort we can have is that LUCKILY in Malaysia, it IS illegal to have firearm and one cannot purchase firearm easily. Try to ponder on that.

So, please don't just ignore bullying cases just because it is said to be insignificant and not THAT serious compared to other crimes and THAT bullying is NOT crime. By preventing bullying, crime is actually being prevented. Have a look at this article and this.

Some tips to prevent bullying can be found here. So, take action now and increase awareness regarding the matter.

Together, we can make a difference. (Sounds familiar? =p)

Random Picture Of The Day By Yours Truly

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  1. from what i heard, that victim does not make report because the source says the victim family has receive a large sum of "compensation" from one of the gang's dad (coz rich n reputable in sibu~) ... So the victim family also keep their mouth shut and that's why police cant do anything...

  2. Sadly, that is common. Money does solve everything now doesn't it? =p

  3. Nicely written!

    Posing for the camera like they are proud of what they did is so stupid.

  4. Yeah, dumbasses as one of my friend put it..heh =p


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