Thursday, July 19, 2007

Japanese Lesson Part 1

During my university years, I have taken up Japanese language as a foreign language that is supposed to add value to undergraduates =p . That time all things Japanese are the in things, so the gullible me was influenced to take up the language out of languages such as French, Arabic, Kadazan, and some I forget.

So, since sharing is good mmmkay, I feel the need to share what I know with all of you. Please feel free to chip in and also correct me if I am wrong. After all, I only have JLPT Level 4 cert. The Japanese Language Proficiency Test certification.

First of all, the introduction of Japanese Language. Japanese language is used and spoken by the Japanese people in a country called Japan. (Brrrrr, cold....I know.... =p)The Japanese writing system is divided into 3 categories which is the Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji.

Hiragana is curvilinear in style and phonetic and can be considered as the basic Japanese writing system. Katakana can be considered the secondary writing system used primarily for foreign names or words of foreign origin. Kanji in the other hand is similar to Chinese writing characters and each conveys meaning, most of which have at leas two readings. Aside from the primary 3 writing system, there is this form which is similar to the Chinese Pin Yin, the Romanji.

Romanji means Roman letters and is used particularly for the convenience of foreigners and normally used by foreigners to have better understanding on the Japanese language.

Example of usage:

Wa-ta-shi-wa I-gi-ri-su Ni I-ki-ma-su
(I am going to England)
*note- the I is pronounced as yi*
*the -ma-su can be pronounced as mas as in I-ki-mas*

Watashiwa Mareshiaa Jin Desu
(I am a Malaysian)

Alright, lets go to some daily useful expression that is more common shall we?

(Good Morning)

(Good Afternoon)

(Good Evening)


Ja mata / Ja ne
(Normally said when parting with friends- informal goodbye)

Shitsurei shimasu
(polite way of saying goodbye, normally used to superior and the elders)

(Good Night- only said before going to bed)

Ogenki desuka
(How are you?)

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu
(Thank you very much)

Chotto Matte Kudasai
(Please wait for a while)

Ganbatte Kudasai

(Encouragement- like Jia You)

So, that is it for Japanese Lesson Part 1. One have to learn how to crawl first before learning how to walk. Again, please feel free to correct me if there are mistakes and we can learn together and share our knowledge. All opinions are welcomed.

As the lessons goes, it will go into more advance usage of the Japanese Language. So, Stay tuned for Japanese Lesson Part 2.

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  1. chotomate~~~~ yamate~~~~

    hahaha! nice wan, can learn japanese :P

  2. Heh, Looks like my readers know Japanese also... cool... =p

  3. i am learning japanese through online recently ...learn it from the website (if not mistaken~)...but i cant remember the japanese phrases especially the long one, very difficult to remember...only able to remember those simple and short phrases...still a beginner and working hard on it..heh =P

  4. Yeah, together we learn.. i will try to refresh my Japanese language knowledge also. =p

  5. i went to learn japanise beginning of this year,but now no more, due to time arrangement...

    The learning centre is a buddish centre, the price is cheap, just at penang town area...

  6. Wow! This is really nice! I want to learn also! A very long time ago, I memorized a Japanese phrase book (just for fun :P). But I don't use the things I've learned, so I don't remember much anymore.

    I'm looking forward to part 2! :D

  7. Icalvyn: Well, knowing extra language is always an advantage. =p
    Busy nvm, can always come and look at the sample Japanese Lesson. (Promoting the blog tim...hahahaha)

    杨宝茹: Yeah, together we learn. Initially haven't really think of part 2 but since now got request, then I will continue till the end. Having 1 reader is better than none.. =p

  8. Ru knows a little Japanese huh? Great! Now I get to practice my very little Jap language knowledge!

    Hajimemashite, watashi was 杨宝茹 no tomodachi no Runawaycat desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu :)

    I think I got that right :P Haha!

  9. Quite so, not bad. You learned Japanese before? Cool. We can share and practice then... =p

    Will be doing a Part 2 soon.

    And oh.. Welcome welcome...

    Bokuwa Benard desu. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.. =p

  10. runawaycat: Oh no, I do not know Japanese grammar and syntax. But, great! Both you and Cometh can teach me! I only memorized vocabulary. Quite useless if I do not know how to use them. :P

    cometh: Part 2! Part 2! :P

  11. I just realized I made a typo with 'wa'. I learned by meself and I don't have anyone to practice with. Well I guess now I do :P Tanoshii desu!


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