Thursday, July 12, 2007

Universiti Malaysia Sabah 9th Convocation - Konvokeysen Ke-9 Universiti Malaysia Sabah

Yes, I am UMS's alumni and for those who don't know what is UMS. It is the abbreviation of Universiti Malaysia Sabah . I graduated from UMS-LIC which is the abbreviation of Universiti Malaysia Sabah-Labuan International Campus. It is UMS's branch campus located at Labuan.

Anyway, it is convocation time!!!!!! I remembered my convocation last year. The UMS 8th Convocation. It was great in the sense of having great friends together, and some of the memorable moments and of course GRADUATING... =p

So, I created a banner for the UMS 9th Convocation-Konvokesyen Ke-9 UMS. This is just the thumbnail and if any of you want the higher resolution can just click and copy from the pop up. It's a simple banner.=p

UMS 9th Convocation Banner

(click for bigger resolution picture)

Universiti Malaysia Sabah 9th Convocation

02, 03 & 04 September 2007
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Convocation Rehearsal (Students)

01 September 2007 (Saturday)
8.30 am - UMS Chancellor Hall

Convocation Fees

Payment for Convo Bag, Robe(rent), Academic Transcript and Cert Scroll
(Additional Transcript : B. Malaysia RM5, English RM5)
*Fees not including stage photos*

Robe, Hood and Mortarboard Collection date:

27 Ogos 2007 - 31 Ogos 2007
UMS Chancellor Hall

To check the different sessions, click here

To check the names of 2007 Graduates, click here * Can only check after 2nd of August*

To book accommodation in KK, click here

**Graduates are required to fill in a questionaire and print out the slip at the end in order to be allowed to take their convocation robe. Click here for the questionaire.

For more information regarding the Universiti Malaysia Sabah 9th Convocation -Konvokesyen Ke-9 Universiti Malaysia Sabah, click here *Most of the information is taken from the website* =p

Now, how is that? Am I a good alumni or Am I a GOOD alumni????

Lastly, TO ALL MY JUNIORS...Dedicated to you all..... =p


Not So Random Picture Of The Day By Yours Truly:
**This is a wallpaper that I have created for ya all especially those from UMS-LIC, click for bigger resolution =p**

(click for bigger resolution picture)


  1. hey, i help my gal to fill the form, fuck, rekod tiada....

    eh, isit like us before, v need to pay the bill 1st, isit?and show the resit with the questionnaire when take jubah and stuff..?

  2. Time pass very fast... the vision of my last year convocation still vivid inside my mind...

    Yeah.. It was really great in the sense of having great time and great friends together, and of course some of the memorable moments.... And finally I m graduated.....

    Bernard..u should post the photo which we took at KK during convocation or even the photo that we took at Labuan....

  3. Loon- Yeah, it is the same as last time. Aside from the slip as a proof of payment, you need to answer the questionnaire online and print out the slip so that it will make the process of getting the robes and stuff easier and of course faster. As for the absence of the name, try to check whether the information is correct. Or try at other time.

    Sandy- Time really flies. University life is really one of the best time in life.

    I will dedicate a post on that as this post is for the 9th Convocation not our 8th convocation.. =p

  4. Wah... really GOOD oh....
    Y u don help me to check for all this le??
    Even not same uni, but since u do this liao, try to help me lol... I m graduating tooo o....
    Not fair......................
    Plus, all can be search through net le...

  5. As I said, UMS Alumni.... =p


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