Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thick Face, Black Heart - The Review Part 1

The book Thick Face, Black Heart - The Path To Thriving, Winning, and Succeeding by Chin-Ning Chu was recommended to me by my lecturer. Skeptical at first but as I read, it is actually quite interesting.

In the book, the author explains about what is the meaning of Thick Face, Black Heart and ultimately that Thick Face, Black Heart is the Tao of life. Altogether there are 16 chapters in the book.

Chapter 1 is about the Essence of Thick Face, Black Heart. There are quite a few interesting quotes in this chapter such as

"Give up virtue, renounce wisdom; People will benefit a thousand times

Give up kindness, renounce morality; People will embrace love and filial piety

Give up cleverness, renounce greed; bandits and thieves will vanish"

(Lao Tzu- Tao Te Ching)

The author particularly used a quote as a starting for chapter 1- The Essence of Thick Face, Black Heart. The quote is

"When you conceal your will from others, that is Thick

When you impose your will on others, that is Black

(Lee Zhong Chang)

As with the quotes, the book forces readers to think deeper in order to understand what the author want to convey. The quotes is translated to English from Chinese and no doubt some of it's meaning or essence cannot be translated correctly, however the author tries to make readers understand by giving examples.

Thick Face act as shield and Black Heart act as spear. By utilizing these, the author believes that one can be successful in business and life. As one goes through chapter 1, there are still few quotes that is placed at strategic places which stimulate the brain to think deep as to what is the exact meaning.

Some of the quotes are:

"Conquering others requires force.

Conquering oneself requires strength."

"When the great Tao is forgotten, virtue and morality arise.

When knowledge and intelligence are born, the great pretense begins.

When there is no harmony within the family, filial piety and devotion arise.

When the country is confused and in chaos, loyal officials appear."

(Lao Tze- Tao Te Ching)

I finds that all the quotes from the book is quite enlightening and after all it is mostly from this famous guy Lao Tze in Ancient China who is widely known for his philosophical thoughts.

Another few sentences that I want to quote before ending chapter 1 are:

"Thick Face, Black Heart is and is not about ruthlessness, yet one will learn that by adapting

and adopting non-destructive ruthlessness, one will gain the freedom in actions necessary to

achieve effectiveness in daily task execution."

The ultimate courage of a Thick Face, Black Heart warrior is dispassion which means

having courage to fight in spite of fear, to be able to detach from the emotion associated with

defeat so that its presence does not thwart you"

Chin-Ning Chu)

(To Be Continued)

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  1. Interesting. :)

    What are you taking up in school?

  2. Yeah, it belongs to the same category as Sun Tzu- Art Of War. Actually I am taking MBA now and the book was recommended by my lecturer in Strategic Marketing class.

  3. Yeah..we did discuss on this topic b4 rite? and u recommended me to read thru this book...

    I also think the strategy and philosophy on this book can help a lot in our life and on how we going to survive in our work force..providing we really absorb the essense of th book...

    But I think is take time to really adapting it in our life... Is always easy to understand but hardly to pratice... Anyhow we have to take the 1st step and move forward....

  4. Yeah, I will do reviewing of the book by parts and at the last part I will make my own conclusion or opinion

  5. interesting book, where can I get it?

  6. Most of the major bookshop should have this. Popular, MPH, Kinokuniya.

    Can go online to buy also. Got MPH online and Amazon.

    Costs about rm50 or so.


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