Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sex with 1000 men because of sex addiction

This is totally plagiarized from the online news portal. Wait, I am giving credits where it is due so me thinks me not copy cat.. Meow~~~. No Kittens will die from this.

Urmmmm, Okayyyyyy

Terri, who struggles to maintain a relationship because of her addiction, became a slave to love at the age of 17, when she lost her virginity.
She recalled: “It was like someone had flipped a switch. From then I just developed an insatiable desire for sex. I’ve done it with hundreds and hundreds of men. I don’t keep a tally because I’m not a slut — I am just satisfying a need.
“Most people who know me think I’m really sweet and charming. I don’t smoke, I hardly drink, I’ve never taken drugs, yet I’ve slept with nearly one thousand men.”
And if there’s no man around, Terri slips off to satisfy herself, even if she’s at work. She added: “Other people have fag breaks, so I don’t feel too guilty. On a bad day, I can have up to a dozen comfort breaks.”

Hmmm, the poor thing. Having such medical conditions must be very very very "tiring". Must eat some energy boosting stuff.

“I really do feel the urge to have sex pretty much all the time. Obviously I can’t have sex all the time so when I’m sat at my desk and I feel aroused beyond normal limits I have to slip off and satisfy myself.
"It's not a good feeling. I'm constantly frustrated by it."
To cope with her addiction Terri joined internet sex websites where she chose random men to meet with.
She said: "This became a bit of a lottery really because most men on these websites hide their face and just show you their body parts.
“We arrange to meet on neutral territory such as in a hotel. If they were ugly I closed my eyes and pretended they were someone else.”
Terri added: “When I am met men off the internet I didn't leave until I was fully satisfied and my sexual urges had gone away. I wasn't there to please them. It sounds selfish but that's the way it is.”
“I've been told my addiction will probably only go when I have the menopause, which means another 20 to 30 years of sex."

20 to 30 years more of such medical conditions? Hmmmm, with that rate of men, she would better off go to China. 1.3 billion people yo.

Now fess up. What would you do if you encountered person "suffering" from such medical condition. It is only right to "help" right?

To help or not to help, that is the question. =p

For those who are curious how she looks like. Here, a picture I shamelessly ripped off from the news portal.


That is all.

Now, you have to excuse me. I need to Google and try my luck go and do some urgent things.
Remember to always play safe.

Dont Drink and Drive
Always remember to use safety measures such as wearing "safety helmets".


  1. i'm gonna try my luck with commenting today.
    don't let me down, you .. textarea!
    *growls to threaten*
    she is .. *speechless*
    now one thing kept me wondering,
    why is cometh Particularly interested in
    plagiarism this Particular News this much?
    *smirks n leaves*

  2. levian: I don't know either. :P


    Sex addiction--this one's really creepy. I've heard something about this in this weird talk show.


  3. levian: Ahem.... Just that I thought that this is a news worthy piece of news.... Interesting medical condition I would say

    宝茹: I also don't know... =p

  4. Why hello, STDs!


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