Monday, November 10, 2008

Press Any Key To Continue

"May I know where the any key is located?"

Seriously, is that a trick question? It's not some April Fool joke right? Wait, April Fool is over. Alright, lets see. Press Any Key To Continue means you press any key to continue. Seriously, it is really not a trick question?

Alright, giving you the benefit of a doubt. When you encountered "Press Any Key To Continue" situation, please just press the "ENTER" key. Alright? That way you are sure to proceed with whatever you are doing.


And please don't ask me why the "ENTER" key is "ANY" key. I will really die I tell you. From the excessive laughter overdose.

Just to play safe, or in case you can't find the "ENTER" key as your "ANY" key. Use the following "ANY" key thank you very much.

The usual "ANY" key

Hope that helps.

BenardCometh Revelations always aim to solve your problems as efficient and as effective as possible regardless how serious or funny problems you have.

P/S: Ignore the dirty keyboard. That is years of hardwork accumulating dust. It's not simple I tell you.


  1. Let's all laugh. :P


  2. ew ew ew..
    oh wait, mine looks similar! XD


  3. 宝茹: Hohohohoho

    levian: I know yours also looks the same...Don't deny it now... =p


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