Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mobile Blogging

Got my hand on an Iphone 3G to play with and so far I am liking it. In case you doesn't get the hint yet, this post is written/blogged by using an Iphone 3G.

Now I know what I want for Christmas. I have been a pretty good boy and behaves well this year. Ahem***. Santa Claus surely will climb down the chimney and give me an Iphone. Wait, my house don't have a chimney. Darn, for a moment there I thought that I might just get the present from Santa.

What? Santa doesn't exists? Oh the betrayal, the lies, the agony, and the pain. All these years I have been cheated. Oh cruel world, where is the love? the hope? the waiting?

There you have it. A rant testing of mobile blogging using Iphone 3G. So far, I am loving it. The touch screen qwerty keyboard perform beyond my expectations. Way cool.

Not bad for a phone. Almost like a real small pc. Definitely an excellent choice for those who are on the move often.

Am actually waiting for the firmware and winpawn to finish downloading. The firmware alone is a freaking 246mb in size and Streamyx is trying it's best to muster whatever speed left to facilitate the download.

Why I am waiting for the downloads to complete? For jailbreaking purpose of course. Not the real jail break like prison break but to sort of hack the Iphone so that I can install applications and do other stuff that otherwise would be a pain in the arse.

Main purpose is to turn this Iphone into somesort of mobile router so that I can connect my laptop to the Internet via Iphone. As much as I like the iPhone qwerty keyboard, I still prefer bigger and more ergonomic keyboard because a prolonged period on the small digital keyboard would most definitely cause RSI related injuries.

I think that should be all.

In case you want to know, I have been typing using my two thumbs.

All Hail The Thumb Master...

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