Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is a type of kiwi-like fruit. While kiwi fruits are green or golden, dragon fruits are white or red. Another popular name for the dragon fruit would be the pitaya. The Chinese call it fire dragon fruit, the huo long guo.

Dragon Fruit

Like I what I mentioned earlier, the dragon fruit is a kiwi-like fruit because the flesh is similar to the kiwi fruit. The only difference would be that the dragon fruit is a whole lot bigger than kiwi fruit. If compared, dragon fruit is better tasting than kiwi fruit in my tasting opinion not to mention more fulfilling. However, it is a matter of preferences I guess.

To consume, just peel off the skin and you will get one whole edible flesh and seeds or to save time and make it easier, just use a knife to slice the fruit into half and use a spoon to dig out the flesh. Just like how you would eat a kiwi fruit.

Dragon Fruit Flesh

Sliced into half

There you have it. Dragon Fruit aka Pitaya. Enjoy your pitaya and be careful with the juice as it will stain your clothes. Eating dragon fruit would be quite a messy affair and colorful. Red in color that is.


  1. dragon fruit is one of my favourite le....
    btw, dragon fruit has the yellow color one...

  2. I love this fruit! It's so expensive here.

  3. smwahming: Oh, is it?

    宝茹: Hmmm, is it? Here is around RM12 a kg...


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