Monday, November 17, 2008

November Malaysia Latest Fuel Price

Effective 18th November 2008, the petrol and diesel will be 15 sen cheaper. It's about time they lower the fuel price already. 

The pump price of RON97 petrol will be RM2 a litre while RON92 and diesel is Rm1.90 a litre.

Now, there is one more question. When will the price of other things decrease? When the fuel price increase, all are so eager to increase price and now when there are like 5 revisions of the fuel price already, where is the price decrease in other things. Mana?

I would say we would need to wait long long for that to happen. Increase in price of course no problem but when it comes to decrease the price. Can just wait long long ah.

There you have it, 

Yet another 15sen reduction in fuel price. Now give some hurrahs for the government.

Hurrah Hurrah Hurrah...................................... - _-"

Better than nothing loh.

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