Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Renewing Your Malaysian Passport

Yours Truly went to renew his Malaysian Passport recently and because of some bad timing, it took a whole 3 days to process the passport when normally it will only take 2 days.

Generally, you will need two passport photo of yourself, a photostated copy of your identification card (both sides), application form, and RM300 (32 pages). Malaysian Passport is valid for 5 years however, the passport can only be used up to the last 6 months of the expiry date.

Meaning that, your passport need to have at least 6 more months before expiry in order to be able to travel overseas.

So, in Kuching you will have to go to the Immigration department at the federal building at Simpang Tiga. It is located on the first floor.

Go to the first counter/counter 1 and purchase your application form there at RM1 perpiece and get your queue number. After that wait for your turn to be called to submit the completed form together with two passport photo, photostated copy of your identification card and your original identification card.

You will be asked to leave your thumbprint on the application form and also eletronic version by using the electronic thumbprint gadget. After that, your identification card will be returned to you and also the number to wait for your turn to pay for the new passport.

When you heard your name being called, proceed to the counter to confirm and then proceed to the payment counter to pay RM300 (32 pages passport). You will be issued a receipt and asked to come back tomorrow to collect your brand new passport.

Hence, it will only take you 2 days to process the passport application. Day 1 for the submission of the application and payment and Day 2 for the passport collection.

Yours Truly took 3 days because, Day 1 arrive at the Immigration Department at around 2.30pm and after completed the application form and waiting for my turn, it is already 4.40pm and the payment counter closed at 4.30pm.

Thus, yours truly have to go to the Immigration department the next day, Day2 to pay for the passport then have to wait till Day3 to collect the passport. Just because of bad timing.

The moral of the story?

Remember to go early to the immigration department and if you have everything ready, it will only took you 2 days to get your passport from the application to the collection. The Immigration Department is open at 7.30am till 5.30pm but the most important is that the payment counter is closed at 4.30pm.

There you have it.

Renewing Your Malaysian Passport.

Remember to prepare the necessary things listed in the following list:

2 pcs Passport Photo
Photostated copy of your I.C.
Original I.C.
RM300 (For 32 pages passport)


  1. msia boleh!
    i faced the same thing the
    last time i went as well.
    1 counter open, another not, etc.
    so, it's a "no wonder" really. :p

  2. Count yourself lucky! It takes longer than 3 days to renew passport if you are living abroad >.< May take up to 3-4 months to receive the new passport.

  3. where are u planning to go?


  4. levian: There are more than 3 counters idling actually.... grrr

    KM: Oh, is it? I am lucky then... =p

    -et3rnal-: Actually go for holiday and also once I finish my studies might go other place to work... =p I think

    Nux_V: Same answer as above... =p.


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