Friday, November 21, 2008

Register as a Voter

Those who are eligible for voting, have you register as a voter? Voting is your right and you should be voting in the spirit of democracy.

I must admit that I have not register as a voter myself even though I am eligible to do so for the past 4 years. Most of the people from my generation would not be bothered to go and register as a voter. What is the point? Says them.

There is no excuses to not to register as a voter I agree, however there are circumstances that would prevent one from registering as a voter to exercise his or her voting rights.

Again, there are NO excuses for NOT voting as a voter in the spirit of democracy. By voting, you are selecting YOUR representative to represent you in what you think would be the best.

Briefly said, you are the one who chooses your government who will govern the country. The condition and future of a country depends on the type and quality of the government that govern it. Agree?

Hence, voting is very important in order to select the government that the people wants and the voting of which candidate or party should not be interfered or determined by others but you yourself must vote for those that you believe will govern with dedication and determination to propel the country to greatness NOT to degrade the country and eventually lead to its demise.

That is why, ALL of those who are eligible to vote and have not vote for whatever reason you have, GO and register as a voter to qualify to vote and be able to select the type of representative that you want.

Let no other people influence you in making choices that would contradict what you believe in. Whether it is to vote for the government or for the opposition. That is your choice and no one can change that and that is DEMOCRACY.

I know for certain that people my generation would not care less whether they have registered or not. Some would say it is hard to register, they have no time, there is no point and etc. IF they choose not to vote or register as a voter, that IS their right also. DEMOCRACY is all about the voices of majority and preserving the rights that you have.

However, I do believe that those who have NOT voted are being selfish and do not care of the well being of the country.

The country deserve better. Your homeland deserve better. You deserve better. Better treatment for the democracy process that is. That is the least you can do to preserve the democracy in the country by exercising you rights. You owe the country that.

Regardless what type of representative or government you choose, at the end of the day what matters is that you have voted and given your choice of representation for the country. Nobody can say that you have voted wrongly and that you have wasted your vote. No one. The fact will still be that, you have exercised your right in the name of democracy and that you have selected your representative.

That being said, for the past 4 years I have been SELFISH and have not register as a voter and am not involved in the democracy process. Actually I have been wanting to register as a voter but never have the time nor motivation to go and register.

Then again, that is NOT an excuse for not registering as a voter and since someone mentioned that registering as a voter is easy, I am going to register as a voter this coming Monday when I am going to renew my passport.

That is the least I can do for my country. My homeland. I owe that to the country. Be involved in the democratic process when you are eligible to do so and don't make up excuses to not register as a voter and vote for your representative.

Hell, just look at the United States. They are going to have a black President soon and this have created a big hooohaaaa. Why is it that a black president is so special? That indicates that democracy at its best?

Perhaps so, but from another perspective why is it that a black president creates so much hype? A truly democratic process masquerading as a racist mentality underneath?

Why is it that, the soon to be first black President be mentioned as another American who is elected in the fair process of democracy to form the government and govern the country? Why the emphasize on black? Why not just American Barrack Obama set to become America's next President?

Whether you would come to accept the fact or deny the fact that there are racists mentality when the mention of a black President creates so much hype and hoo haaa, the process IS truly democratic since the people have spoken. Of the people, By the People, For the People. That is democracy.

Thus, people especially those who have not registered as a voter, you know that you need to exercise your rights. You owe that much to the country. So, please go and register as a voter and cast your vote to select your representative.


Of the People, 
By the People, 
For the People

Go register as a voter now and remember to vote.


  1. i have register but i didnt vote~~


  2. Well, shame on you... =p

    On me too for not registering...

    But, I am a registered voter already.. GRRRR


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