Friday, November 7, 2008

Kittens Abandoned

Outside my house that is.

It is a conspiracy or something to turn my house into a mini zoo. Two small kittens abandoned mercilessly and left to fend for themselves under the scorching sun. Where is the love?

Thus the pretend-to-be-kind yours truly take them in and put em in a box and give some milk only to realize that yours truly is not exactly what you would call a cat person. He is more to a dog person as dogs likes him more than cats which have been proven over and over again.

Kitten in a box

I am planning to give away the kittens because as much as I want to rear em, I can't for several reasons. Firstly, like I said earlier, cats hates me and there are few cases where yours truly are "viciously" attacked/clawed by cats for wanting to feed em. Where is the justice?

Secondly, I already have three dogs at my house and we all know that pooch and mutt do not mix well together, period. There are risk that the kitten becomes dog-snack later. Accident happens.

Thirdly, I know nuts about cats which is evident from the fact that cats hate me. There are possibilities that the kitten would die under my care so for the sake of the kittens, I better leave em to the professionals.**Ahem** Levian?

Fourthly, I don't really intend to turn my house into a mini-zoo regardless how cute they are. Cuteness have been identified as the weakness to many people. It is very very lethal.


There you have it, reasons why I can't take in and take care of the abandoned kittens although the kittens can be useful at times. Such as making LOLCats out of em.

Let Me Go!!!!

I Iz Ninja

Roar!!! I Iz Tiger

Shhhh, I Iz Hunting

Beware, I iz Dangerous

I iz Serious

Cute and exploitable, what else you would need in a kitten right?

Now, any takers?

The kittehs been adopted already. You had your chances but you did not act upon it. =p


  1. Awww.. so cute aa.. cuteness also my weakness. but me also dont intend to turn my house into zoo. got more than enuff cats at my house. but they're CUTE & ADORABLE.. aawwww....

  2. cuties! you should absolutely keep 'em! you never know if they will bond with your doggies..go experiment. lol

  3. The kittens sensed that you'll love them. :P

  4. 宝茹, according to cometh,
    "no they don't,
    they just wanna grow up quickly
    n attack him in return."
    woot !! XD

  5. can ship over those kittens to KL? i'm gonna put them at the backlane of my house, full of cats and kittens!


  6. xaximie: Actually I got think of you when I saw the kittens...Whether you want it or not.. =p

    Mariposa: Hmmm, I don't think they will bond given the situation where there would always bark like mad whenever there are cats around or even birds flying around.

    宝茹: Erm, I suppose so.... No, its a conspiracy i tell you.

    levian: Sort of.... =p

    Nux V: Erm, I think they will not survive the journey.... heh... =p


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