Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Changing Flat Tire DIY


This is the resident mechanic wannabe of BenardCometh Revelations. I am going to show how you can change flat tire by yourself. DIY yo.

The first step is to identify a flat tire. Please make sure that the tire is flat before you perform the tire changing. Kids, don't try this at home unless you have flat tire of course.

Flat Tire

Open your car boot and normally there will be a set of car jack that comes with the car. If you don't have the set, make sure you go and get one set now. You will never know when you will have flat tire situation. Make sure that there is a spare tire in the car boot also.

The tool- L Iron

Car Jack

Make sure you are parked at a flat surface/place. Before you jack up the car, make sure you open the tire screw bolts first. Normally, the bolt would be fastened hard and you will need to use a bit force to open it. Another way to open it is to use your legs.

Put the L shaped iron in place and step on the iron to force the bolt to open. Please make sure that you are going anti clockwise to open the screw bolts.

The Screw Bolts

Anti Clock Wise
(Pay no attention to the hairy legs)

4 screw bolts

Don't take out the flat tire yet, use the car jack and jack up your car to the appropriate height. Normally, high enough to fit the spare tire in. Pull the flat tire out and take the spare tire out to put in the flat tire's place.

Spare Tire

Taken Out

Put in Place

After you put the spare tire in place, use the L shaped iron to put back the screw bolts and tighten a bit. After that lower the car jack and then try the foot method again. Step on the L shaped iron to make sure the screw bolts are really fasten tight. You don't want your tire to suddenly got loose when you are driving now, do you?

Use your foot to step on the L shaped iron clockwise to tighten it. When you are done with all the screw bolts, congratulations for successfully changing your flat car tire.

Fasten Tight
(Again, pay no attention to the hairy leg)


Remember to send your flat tire to be mended or even get a new tire if your flat tire is too old already. Tire changing is a messy affair and you need to get your hands dirty to do so.

So, if you don't want to get your hands dirty. Leave it to the pro at a price of course. Alright?

The Aftermath

There you have it, now you know how to change a flat tire. Remember not to try on perfectly "healthy" tires just for the sake of trying after reading this.

Now, excuse me while I go wash my hands.


  1. Interesting read... I'm a female who grew up on a farm and my Dad made sure all of us (both guys and gals) knew how to change a tire before being let out on the road :-). Haven't had to change a tire for a few years, but nice to know how.


  2. Yeah, if you are driving a car then knowing how to change car tires is very important. =)


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