Monday, November 3, 2008

Emperor Chicken

A title like that must have got you confused that this post is about the king of all chickens with the name Emperor Chicken. There is no such thing.

Emperor Chicken is actually the name of a dish that uses chicken as the main ingredient mixed together with few herbs and spices.

Today's post will be on how to easily make your own Emperor Chicken in just a few steps. It's simple and delicious.

Lets have a look at the ingredients, shall we?

Emperor Chicken Ingredients

Emperor Chicken Instant Spices
A whole chicken

First of all, go and buy your favorite brand of Emperor Chicken spices. There are a few of brands available. I am using the Uncle Sun Emperor Chicken Spices. Traditionally you can also get the herbs and spices and make it yourself but for the sake of speed and ease, lets just make do with the instant spices alright?

Emperor Chicken Spices

Get a whole chicken from your friendly neighborhood market or supermarket or hypermarket and clean it inside out. Chop off the head and neck and you are almost prepared for the next step.
The chicken

The chicken cleaned and ready to be spiced

Together with the packet of Emperor Chicken spices are a piece of plastic wrapper, a piece of aluminum wrapper and the spice powder. Spread the spice powder all over the chicken and make sure it marinate well with the spices.

You can leave the marinated chicken at the side and prepare your stuffing. Yes, you can stuff things inside your chicken. Any stuffings to your liking is good enough. For my case, I stuff some chinese mushroom, some garlic, and the chicken insides such as the liver, gizzard and etc.

When you are satisfied with your stuffing and also that the chicken is "bathed" well with the spice powder evenly inside and outside, pour some water inside. From the instruction, it requires around 100gm water inside the chicken body but I pour in more than that as I like my chicken with more juice.

After pouring the water inside, make sure the water stays inside and proceed to wrap the chicken with the plastic wrapper first followed by the aluminum wrapper. Place it on a tray and put it in an oven. If you don't have an oven then I think by steaming it would be alright also.


You can steam it in medium fire for one and a half hour or if you prefer oven then put it in oven temprature of 240C for 1 hour. That is the estimated time and the time depends very much on the size of your chicken.

The bigger takes longer. However, it is not recommended to get a big chicken as the taste would not be that good. Get a small chicken and you will have a better tasting Emperor Chicken.

If you really have to get a big fat chicken then you will need two packet of the Emperor Chicken Spices to make it more tasty.


When it is done, take it out and proceed to open the wrapper slowly, and slice the chicken to half at the stomach area. You will see the stuffing and also can confirm whether your Emperor Chicken is cooked or not.

If it is not cooked well yet, put it in and cook for a while again. Remember not to eat things raw except for maybe sushi. That is different. Mmmmkay.

Open it up

Emperor Chicken

Slice into half

When it is cooked, it is ready to be served. Congratulation. You have successfully make your own Emperor Chicken. You can feel proud now. Pat yourself at the back. Go on, don't be shy. Nobody is watching.



That is it for this post.

Enjoy your Emperor Chicken.

Happy Emperor-ing.


  1. I was excited, because emperor chicken is tasty. But I've never seen or heard of emperor chicken spice mix packets..... Also the grey text against your background is difficult to read.


  2. I would think that is because my blog loads up slow... Been thinking of revamp but been procrastinating...Hopefully soon...


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