Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I think most of you are wondering what the fuck on earth is LOHAS. Or maybe it is just me who come to know the term just recently when all the world already know what LOHAS is.

Now, what would a sane person do nowadays when they encounter alien terms or alien topics that are incomprehensible? Simple, as what a normal sane person would do. Google of course.

Then again, there is Wikipedia. Here the entry about LOHAS in wikipedia.

Briefly, LOHAS stands for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability and it is concerned with sustainable living, healthy and go green stuffs. Oh, not forgetting the potential lucrative business estimated at billions and at the same time seems to provide for the planet's health. Earth is ill mmmmkay.

Basically the products and services under LOHAS movements are:

Organic and locally grown food
Organic and natural personal care products
Hybrid and electric cars
Green and sustainable building
Energy efficient electronics/applicances
Socially responsible investing
Natural household products (paper goods and cleaning products)
Complementary, alternative and preventive medicine (Naturopathic, Chinese medicine, etc.)
Fair trade products

There you have it. LOHAS. Start your LOHAS this and LOHAS that now. What are you waiting for? LOHAS the planet right this instant you ungrateful non-LOHAS-ers.

Ahem, excuse the suddenly burst of creative sentence. Anyway, you might have notice one thing. Notice the organic this and organic that? And also not forgetting green this and green that?
All the so called sustainable living and healthy living is simply for the rich. Agree? No?

Lets see some examples. Compare a chicken sold at your local wet market and a so called organic chicken sold at your friendly supermarket. Notice how similar the chicken are but bear in mind that the chickens are not the same. One is "ORGANIC" and we all know that anything labelled organic is fresh, clean, healthy, bla bla bla and not to mention more expensive.

Oh yeah, LOHAS Chicken dont play play. Power enough I tell you. Oh, ya and this so called organic chicken is much more expensive than the ones you buy at the local wet market. Correct?
Another example mmmmkay, dont everyone just loves examples. There is this banana farm that have been producing bananas all this while, and distribute to most of the shops/supermarket that are sold at lets say $1 perbanana. Examples my dear watson, examples.

Then come a company and buys the same bananas supplies from the banana farm and then put stickers on the bananas labelled Organic.

Tadaaa!!!!, instant Organic bananas. The best part? The "organic" bananas are sold at $5 perbanana. Damn lucrative business I tell you. All the stupid rich people rushing to get healthy and all.

Get my point? Alright, no doubt that there are authentic organic food out there. Plenty of em but more than often all the healthy and green and bla bla bla comes with a premium price that well, only suitable for the rich. Correct?

Why not all food in the world are organic this and that? Where everyone can enjoy organic food and then they may live longer? Oh yeah, I forget that humans are greedy bastards. My mistake.

With the economic crisis that the whole world are facing now, what's next? LOHAS economy?


May LOHAS be with you.

p/s: This is just a rant post and this is my initial opinions from what I understand about LOHAS. Please refute me if I am wrong.

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