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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Missing Favicon for Blogger in Firefox

I just noticed that my favicon suddenly gone missing and in its place is the Blogger orange favicon with a capital B. Not that I mind anyway since B also stands for Benard but I still prefer my old favicon.

Upon inspection, it seems that other browsers display the favicon perfectly even IE is behaving normally while only Firefox seems to refuse to display my custom favicon and seems to prefer the Blogger favicon.

Hence, after tinkering around, yours truly succeed in bringing back the BenardCometh Revelations favicon. At first, I thought that Blogger does not support favicons anymore and that Blogger wants all to have the orange B displayed but since other browsers can display it nicely then definitely there is something wrong with Firefox.

Thus, putting on the Sherlock Holmes cap, yours truly do a trial and error and move the favicon code to different position in the head tag. Finally, by putting the code just before the end of the head tag, the favicon appears. Imagine the joy of seeing the good old favicon again instead of the Blogger orange capital B.

Place the code just before the closing head tag
There you have it. How to restore your favicon so that Firefox can once again read em. Favicons are important mmmkay. 

For those who don't know what favicon is then head over to the Having Your Own Favicon post and learn how to make your own favicon.

Happy Favicon-ing... (If there is even such a word)

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levian said...

gee, finally !! i had been wondering if my icon picture went missing. n for 2 days now !! btw, where to upload your personal icon thingy ?? i tried the google you introduced last time n it doesn't work anymore. *pouts*

diddy47 said...

thanx u just saved me a load of tinkering around

Caracala said...

Thank you! I went searching for an answer after I saw mine disappear, too. This saved me a lot of troubleshooting time. :D

Cometh said...

levian: Try using fileden. =p

diddy47: Sure, no prob.

Caracala You are welcomed.

Juan Manuel Aguiar said...

Muchas Gracias de verdad!!!! tenía días tratando de resolver este problema!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this fix. Was driving me up the wall. Relieved to have it working again.

clickpreston said...

THANKYOU SO MUCH! My blog at www.clickpreston.blogspot.com wasn't working forever. Now it's fixed!!

Cometh said...

Juan Manuel Aguiar: And you are welcomed. =P

Anonymous; No prob, glad can help. =p

clickpreston: You are welomed.

Sonya said...

Thank you! that little bit at the end "type..." was missing on the other tutorials I read and it would only show in Firefox. Now it's on all browsers, yay!

Nicole said...

Thanks for the quick/easy workaround!

Cometh said...

Sonya: You are welcomed

Nicole: Glad you find it useful... =)

Martin said...

Thanks a lot man. That helped a lot.

SuziQoregon said...

Finally!! the answer I needed! Thank you.

Cat Torres V said...

It's not so much just Firefox, but different version of Firefox. My Favicon appears fine on my laptop using Firefox, but not on my desktop, also on Firefox!

I'll try your tip now.

Anonymous said...

Why not just pick "set fav icon" from the layout choices in blogspot?

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