Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fried Rice BenardCometh Style

Yours truly likes to eat, no doubt about that. Sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures which results in cooking trials.

There is this clam, spaghetti, and flower crab cooking attempt done previously. This time around suddenly felt the urge to make fried rice.

Hence, after ravaging the fridge, yours truly am able to get some ingredients for the fried rice.

Lets start shall we?

First prepare all the ingredients that you want to have in your fried rice. There are no limits, anything edible would be the possible ingredients. It's up to your creativity to mix and test, depending on what you can get at the spontaneous moment. not responsible if you have diarrhea or food poisoning resulting from your over creativity.

So, the ingredients that I managed to get my hands on are:

Obviously you need rice to make fried rice.
What were you thinking?
Use noodles to make fried rice ah?

Chili padi and Big Chili
Did I ever say that I like spicy food?
Well, I like spicy food.

I am carnivorous
Enough said

I did say that I am carnivorous rite?

The eggs need to be stirred until you see all yellowish gooey stuff
And No, I am not going to show you the picture of the all yellowish gooey stuff

Don't know what type
All mushroom are edible mah
What? Some are poisonous?
Oh, well.

Well, this carnivore needs a balanced diet
So, there.
I eat veggie also.

Alright, now the steps.

First of all pour some olive oil into your wok/pan, then after it heats up, proceed to throw in some garlics. Stir fry till it is brownish color and then throw some big onions in and stir fry together. (Assumption that you know how to prepare the garlics and big onions)

Then, throw in the pork meat and stir fry until you can see that the meat is turning light brownish color. Proceed to sprinkle some pepper on to it and continue to stir fry.

After that throw in the chilies. Remember the slice em into small pieces. Continue to stir fry and by now you should smell the fragrance smell of your ingredients.

Chop/slice the mushroom into small cubes and throw em in. Stir fry some more then put in the mixed veggie and stir stir stir. You will know when you should stop. Instinct my dear Watson. Proceed to pour in the stirred eggs and vigorously mix the ingredients around.

Put the corned beef in last and stir fry some more. Sprinkle more pepper on it and continue to "disturb" "disturb" the mixture of ingredients. When it is done, pour all the mixture into a bowl.

Lastly, after you poured the mixture into a bowl. Pour some olive oil or some butter into the wok/pan. Then when it is heated up, throw in the rice and stir around. When the rice are even, pour a portion of the mixture onto the rice and mix-stir em together. Continue with another portion of the mixture using similar method until all the mixture is poured onto the rice.

"Disturb" Disturb" the nearly finished fried rice so that it is well mixed with the ingredients. After that, congratulation.

One Fried Rice BenardCometh Style coming right up.

Fried Rice BenardCometh Style

Not that delicious looking but don't you ever heard of the phrase:

"Don't judge a book by its cover?"

Well, for the record it is delicious.

For me at least because anything that I cook is sure delicious and tasty even when it is not. =p


  1. next time u can cook for us right? =D

  2. It looks so brown~~ hehehehe but still, must be yummy!

    PS. Yeah, I got bored with my old layout~~ :P

  3. Fuyoh, does it taste like foochow? Eh eh, thanks for dropping by my blog even though I so MIA. Was busy last time, probably be more normal since I start working again :)

  4. dang those chillies !! it's making me drool again !! i want a bite, i want a bite !! *pouts*

  5. Only peper? No soy sauce or anything like that rite?
    Sounds easy.... Oklar, I'll try something like that someday

  6. Look good.... can online order ??

    :p lol

  7. yummylicious leh....i want to place my order online...


  8. kaklong: Well, if the chance present itself then why not. Have to warn though, my taste might differ with others.. Might. =p

    宝茹: Cool.

    Eileen: Definitely. Cooked by pure blooded Foochow. So It does taste Foochow-ish. =p

    levian: Oh, you like spicy also? =p

    3POINT8: Try try.

    Keong: Well, can see the pic only. =p

    Nux V: Can see pic online. =p


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