Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Brand and Brain Matters

Yours Truly am asked to be the guest blogger at Brain O Brand. The following is the post made at Brain O Brand by yours truly.

Let’s face it. In todays materialistic world, people are often judged by the brands that they wear and use. You would be categorized in the upper class type of “people”. Standards yo. Up until to the extent that you are only successful if you are practically breathing branded stuff.

The reason for this is because branded stuff are more than often expensive. The more expensive the stuff the more well off you are perceived. People wear, eat, and use expensive stuff to be perceived as upper class people and of a higher standard compared to the rest of the mortals.

Undeniably that some brands definitely have quality associated with the premium price charged. However, more than often there are better alternatives with lesser known brands with much cheaper price tag. The so called upper classed people would not even consider the better alternative just because of the brand. Because of brands, people would spend on branded stuff at a much higher price for other brand of the equal quality stuff.

It becomes one of the way to show status. To display to all the status one has by displaying branded materials. When it comes to brands, all reasoning becomes null. The brain becomes focused on one matter and just one matter alone.
Brands = Expensive = Wealth = Status.

The brain perceived that brand are the way of life. With brand, the ego can be boosted and confidence level would increase as well as the misdirection of the brain. Brand matter only if the brain allows it to and what does that exactly mean?

The brain differentiate the different brands and for each brand there is a measure of utility regarding the quality and the satisfaction. The more expensive the brand, the higher the utility which means the perceived quality would be better. With the increase in the perceived quality, it leads to the perceived satisfaction. This means that the higher perceived quality, the higher the satisfaction. Hence, the first thing the brain would seek for is not quality but brands.

For the more sensible brain, brand are not always perceived to be of a better quality. Hence, for the measure of utility. The more expensive the brand doesn’t necessarily result in the higher utility in the sense that the perceived quality does not necessarily would be better with the premium price. However, it still remains the same with the fact that if the perceived quality is better, the better would be the satisfaction. Hence, the first thing the brain would seek for is quality not brands.

Now, what exactly is brand? Why in general the brain perceive brand as something that is associated with quality, wealth, and status?

All of that is caused from the clever marketing different brands does. The way the brands position themselves in the brain of mass public. By continuous marketing and clever positioning of the branding, the brain would be influenced to accept whatever perceived benefits or perceived so-called facts.

Hence, you will get different pricing for the equal stuff but of different brands. It is happening all around you. Take a look. Think. Use brain to evaluate brand.

For example, two papaya comes from the same farm and sold to two different shops. Shop Organic Food have a brand that focus on organic food for health while Shop Normal Food have the traditional brand that focus on the traditional shop values. Shop Organic Food put stickers on the papaya and sell the papaya for rm6.50 per papaya while Shop Normal Food sells the papaya without any fancy stickers but the price tag of Rm3.

Now, why is there differences in price for the same stuff? It all concerns brand. The importance of branding to increase the profitability in businesses and presence in the market. Not necessarily that with brand, the quality would be better than the non-branded goods. However, that is what the brand tries to influence the brain to think and accept the fact that brand is equal to quality.

There are a lot of discussion that can be derived from the topic brand and brain matters but it is time to take my leave so I shall stop at this last sentence.
Brand = Quality??????


  1. filled by "kiasu-ism", people nowadays are followings brands rather blindly. just like clothes or hair fashion, there are just people out there that "follows" without considering if it suits thems. it's the "brain" thingy Not working .. XD i guess the thought of "as long as i'm not left out of the trend (or to be eating Organic food because others does)" that pushed them in that direction. boring boring .. uniqueness, people !! XD


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