Friday, April 18, 2008

Big Apple Donut and Coffee at The Spring Kuching

Still doesn't get why is it that there are so many people willing to stand and queue for so long just to buy the donuts.

I know that being the first in Sarawak contribute to that BUT still I don't get why. The donuts are not THAT exceptionally nice. For yours truly, it does not leave a lasting impression after consuming it. Nothing special leh.

Ini macam ada sedap kah?

Too overrated I would say. I heard the Krispy something, a fellow donut competitor is better and very delicious. Never tried before but better don't make me disappointed when I tried it someday.

Overall, Big Apple donuts are not THAT bad but definitely I won't be eating it often. Once in a while is still ok. The taste mah mah tei jek mah.

One thing for sure is that I will never queue up to buy the donuts.

Not in this lifetime.


  1. have u try dunkin' donuts??? at first, i also dun understand why ppl wait in such a long queue just becoz of a donut and somemore damn expensive than those normal donut with sugar on top one sell in the market....

    But after i taste dunkin' donuts, hmmmmm, reli taste good if buy and eat once in a's too sweet and if eat oftenly, also not worth it with that kind of pricing....Never try before big apple donut and coffee~...

    If u happen to be in KL and in Mid Valley, u can go to ground floor there and try one "bun" (forgot the name) with vanilla or chocolate in's from Japan...reli taste good.. 4 thumbs for it....cost RM3.30 per bun (Those years when i am in KL lar~~ now i think price should be increasing di~)

  2. haha...i also wondering why so many people queue just for doughnuts...sort of a craze happening in town.

  3. watching the queue ruins my appetite. XD i haven't even tried once yet !!

  4. Yeah!!! Boycott, boycott, don't buy~~ :P

  5. -et3rnal-: Never tried before. Oh, sounds delicious from the way u describe it. Bring me there if got chance. =p

    Nux V: A lot of "sakai" people mah.

    levian: Same here.

    宝茹: Once in a while ok lah.

  6. here less ppl queue up to buy the big apple donuts but they're willing to line up around 1 -2 hours to buy J Co donuts oh....(sound crazy)
    but i like the big apple donuts le......

  7. i've also heard about Krispy Kreme..never taste em, but for mouth to mouth, it surely the best. The nearest branch is I'm not mistaken is at Indonesia..not sure if they have it at KL..Gonna try one someday.

  8. I feel the same. Those people would sacrifice time to just buy donuts in queue. On 17 October 2009, there's a 52% discount at Big Apple Donuts and Coffee. The queue was so long . It reach the shop ( Magic Bite ) at the back.Wow ! ( I was there too!)


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