Thursday, April 3, 2008


***Manglish Conversation***

--Conversation 1--

Guy1: Oi, want to go where drink ah?

Guy2: Hmmm, eat comes first loh.

Guy1: I know, drink or eat same lah. So where to eat?

Guy2: Eat comes first lah.

Guy1: Hoi, I know eat comes first but go where eat?

Guy2: Haiya you, eat comes first can or not?

Guy1: Of course can. But where?

Guy2: Eat comes first lah, you don't know meh?

Guy1: @#@#$$$#@$, you trying to be funny is it? Want to eat my fist ah? I know lah eat comes first but where to eat? Blardy hell betul lah you.

Guy2: I have been telling you that we go Eat Comes First to eat. The place IS called Eat Comes First. Duh.

Guy1: -_-". @#@#@$^@$%$$@%%^^ say properly lah...@#@$@%&^#&@#^...dunno how to say properly meh @!##@#$^@(&$^@.
(censored to protect the kids that sometimes frequent this little realm of mine)

--Conversation 2--

Guy1: Ello, want to go where eat? No more Eat Comes First ah tell you.

Guy2: How bout if we go KFC?

Guy1: Cool, but the nearest KFC is like 50KM away from here. Very far lah.

Guy2: Wah sei, you are local and yet you dunno that there is a KFC just behind this building?

Guy1: Got meh? Don't have eh. Never seen one boh.

Guy2: Got lah. I always eat there leh. KFC mah.

Guy1: Sure or not? Don't try to be funny ah. Limpeh been here for like eternity also never know that there is a KFC behind this building.

Guy2: Cheat you for what? Play you for what? I cannot benefit also if I do that.

Guy1: Ok lah, you sure got KFC ah?

Guy2: Sure lah. I always go there mah.

Guy1: Alright, lets go.

Guy2: Follow me.

Guy1: So, where is KFC?

Guy2: Wah. your eyes so small ah? Cannot see meh? KFC is just in front.

Guy1: Where?

Guy2: Adoi, there lah. Cannot see meh? The KFC red and white theme color also dunno?

Guy1: HOI, @$#$^#^$&^&. LOOK CAREFULLY. MANA KFC? KLG got lah. Funny ah you. And yet you say you always eat there.

Guy2: Oh? Darn. I feel cheated. No wonder the taste seems different.

Guy1: -_-"


  1. This is funny..hehe..give u four star for this joke...=P

    but i am wondering issit the conversation between u and ur fren? coz 'guy1' do sounds like u

  2. Heh. I wish we have a KLG here :-D

  3. Kook Licking Good, lolz

    darn this KLG really looks a like KFC, the first time i saw it also i almost kena tipu

  4. errr.... did this really happen???

  5. can they get more creative than this? lol

  6. There was one KLG in Taiping,but now shut down already maybe because of the service and the quality of the chicken,well your joke is funny,you can be a joker!!

  7. et3rnal- : Thank you Thank you... The first conversation actually happened before. I modified a bit. =p

    joyfulchicken: Oh? You have something against KFC?

    3POINT8: =)

    yipguseng: Souds rite also..

    宝茹: =)

    kaklong: conversation 1 is real albeit modified a bit but conversation 2 never happen before... Just a story to show the pic.. =p

    Mariposa: True...

    FELEX TAN: Well, the joker part would be a bit off. Of course I think you meant it well rite. Comedian would be a better word...or Humorous. =p

  8. walao eh...why look like is your conversation with friends ler? heheh...

  9. haha! I saw that sign once before too and at first sight, it does look like KFC... but only for a few second.

    But guy2... he can actually eat there for few times and not realize it. LOL


  10. levian: True true... =p

    lukxiufung: Well, got modify a bit.. =p

    Angie: I am also almost fooled by the sign... =p


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