Friday, April 11, 2008

Green Bean Soup

For this post, yours truly am going to show how to make green bean soup. Simple steps to make yourself green bean soup.

Before that, what exactly is green bean soup?

Well, green bean soup is soup made from green been and its a some sort healthy food.

End of explanation. =p

Firstly, the ingredients.

Green Bean
The main ingredient of green bean soup is green bean.

Sago Seeds
Will be like small transparent pearls after cooked

Pandan Leaves
To be boiled with the green beans
Pandan-ish fragrance and taste

That is the 3 main ingredients for the simple green bean soup.

First of all, wash and soak the green beans and sago seeds for a while. Around 5-10 minutes.

Remember to wash and rinse the pandan leaves also.

After that, prepare a pot and fill it with enough water and boil the pandan leaves inside the pot.

Boiling the pandan leave in the pot filled with water

Wait for it to boil and after it boils, put in the green beans into the pot. Boil until the pandan leaves becomes greenish-brownish and soft and then proceed to pick out the pandan leaves from the pot.

Pandan leaves ready to be picked out

After that, let it boil some more and when the green beans becomes soft then its ready for consumption. Done.

Green Bean Soup

Happy boiling eating.


  1. Ooohhh~~ is this sweet? Must be yummier if served cold?

  2. you sounds like jamie oliver!

  3. 宝茹: Sweet depends on how much sugar you put in. i did not put sugar but milk. I like the taste better.

    Yes, served cold/chilled is best.

    Nux V: Oh, and who may I ask is he?

  4. Looks delicious.... Yummy


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