Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Yep little boys and girls. It's that time of the year where you go and make a fool out of yourself. Opsss, should be make a fool out of the people surrounding you.

Today is the only time where you can just throw a smelly rotten egg on your friend and get away with it by yelling "APRIL FOOL" suckers.

Wait, no you don't. Nobody gets away by doing that no matter what day it is. So, please people, refrain yourself from doing dumb pranks. Intelligent pranks maybe but definitely not dumb pranks.

For bloggers, I would think that a lot of them would write a post today stating that they are quiting from blogging. **Yawns** anything new?

Imagine if I am to say that I will discontinue/stop from making any posts ever for April Fool joke. It would really backfire as I don't think there would be anyone who cares much whether I post or not. Quite disheartening I believe.

That is why I would never write a post announcing that I will stop posting so that I can continue to be ignorant and lie to myself not to mention feeding my ego imagining that there are lots of loyal readers here. =p

The way I see it, there is no need for announcement. I would just stop updating and slowly you will see lots of flies flying and hovering around until **PUFF** and its gone.

You are still reading?? I am surprised. Real surprised.

What are you doing here?

You should be out there scheming of how to fool people. Make sure it's intelligent prank ok?

Now, move on move on. Nothing to see here.

and oh its





  1. haha. yes i'm still reading, it is always interesting reading what cometh had to say. :p by the way, i ain't posting no lame april-fool-post. bored with the "typical" like you'd mentioned. XD

  2. yeah interesting ar.. I m still reading and commenting.. hahaha

  3. hehe..lazy to fool people today

  4. Sigh....
    Its the 2nd of april now. Cannot fool anyone liao

  5. Wooohh~~ yeah, lame April Fools' joke~~ I'm too tired to think of a good joke. :P

  6. levian: True true....high five... =). Thanks.

    keeyit: **blushing** paiseh paiseh.

    Nux V: I did not fool anyone also.. =p

    3POINT8: Its not good to fool ppl...

    宝茹: Think think...


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