Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ching Ming

Ching Ming or Qing Ming has already passed being that it is observed/set annually on the 4th or 5th of April. Which also means that this is the why-the-fuck-are-you-posting-old-stuff kind of posting.

Ching Ming is when the Chinese would go and clean up their ancestors tomb/grave like a festival like that and YES, they need to set a date specifically for all of that where there would be lots of so called "filial" people cleaning up the graves. Don't even get me started on the traffic jam that results from the process.

Not only cleaning but also offerings to their ancestors in form of paper cars, maids, bungalows, food, and so forth. Some sort like New Year celebration for the dead. Almost.

Why is it that people have to specifically go on that specific date or even why is there a date that is set for ancestor grave cleaning? Want to show to people that they are filial mah. They can just set a family date where all members of the family go to the ancestors' grave and clean em up. Like a family gathering. There is no need to go on that specific date right?

Undeniably there are a lot of hypocrites around, lets just say that humans are selfish creatures but that is another topic for another day.

What's with the burning of paper objects and offerings anyway? They are dead. What for you "suddenly" become so filial by burning and offering so many stuff? When they are alive you just don't care but when they are dead, all of the sudden you become the "filial' sons and daughters.

The key here my dear Watson is to cherish and be filial to your parents when they are alive. NOT when they are six feet under. Lets face it, old folks home is a profitable business which is kinda sad for the obvious reasons.

There's more. With the ASSUMPTION that the dead really get the offerings. Every year burn paper offerings. Accumulated, where the heck do you suppose they can put all of the stuff?

"But but but they can sell it to the other dead people there", you say. Then, why the hell you burn the same thing all over every year?

You can just burn a paper bank, a paper telecommunication company, or even a manufacturing plant that manufactures anything they desires. So, there will be no need for repeated burning of the same stuff every year.
(There is no such universal manufacturing plant but IF the dead can receive the stuff people burn for them, anything can happen. Magic mah.)

Lastly, at least remember to burn a paper power producing plant. You know the type that generate electricity kind of structure.

If not, how the hell do you suppose they can operate the computers that you send to them? By magic also kah?

Which also opens the possibility of the existence of blogger from the other realm. The realm of the dead, updating their blog on the computers burned to them.

Well, that is possible. If the dead can receive the stuff burned for them, surely there are such possibilities.



  1. But we still practise that le

  2. this suppose to post on the past few weeks~ hehehe..anyway, i even saw some families playing the fire crackers at the tomb of their ancestors...

  3. I agree to be filial to parents when they are ALIVE!!!

  4. I think this is more of a cultural tradition.

    Yup, I definitely agree about showing respect NOW.

    By the way, bloggers in another realm? That's so freaky~~

  5. err.. can i suggest burning a doraemon for them? they will be so happy!

  6. there is a contradiction in chinese sayings by the way ..

    i thought we believe in people dying n kinda .. reborn ?? those circulation thingy. burning so many stuff for them (assuming they can use it somewhere down "under" ..), shouldn't they be somewhere else already ?? somewhere "on earth" ??



  7. keeyit: True true.

    -et3rnal-: Want to "awaken" their ancestors I guess.

    Eileen: That makes the two of us.

    宝茹: Way, freaky huh.

    kaklong: Hahaha. true also.

    levian: In a way, that is true also. =p


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