Friday, April 25, 2008


Just when I am beginning to lose hope in humanity, I met someone who makes me believe that there are still some "light" left after all. Not extinguished but just dimmed with fragile intensity trying to once again shine brightly.

I went to the bank just now and forget to take my bankcard which is left at the ATM machine. After that, I went to a bakery nearby and after paying for the breads, a guy around the age 30 approached me and handed over to me a bankcard and says, "Just now I saw you left your bankcard at Maybank ATM".

Luckily there is someone who is honest and kind enough to pass it back to me. I must be getting older or something. Getting more and more absent minded lately.

Believe me when I say there are people who have no integrity, no honesty, and plain backstabber.

There are also people who denied ever saying what have been said even though there are 5 witnesses that heard it in person at the same time.

All those people will definitely have bad karma. Retribution will be swift and hard.

However, the point is that there are still some good left in this world. Not all are lost.

And today I renewed my trust and hopes in humanity.

Now, say AMEN to that.



  1. I must say, you are so lucky :)

  2. hahaha... Finally met someone as kind? I'm usually the kind one or shall u call it the stupid ones? The only kind ones I know are my trustworthy friends and family. Till today, after being one of the 5 witnesses, I still doubt any kindness that is shown by anyone. The ugly side of growing up in our lives.

  3. Tat is good ~~ u should treat that guy a drink then...You should eat more eggs to boost ur memory...and do go to church coz seems like recently a lot of "lost" case happen on u.....but anyway luck seems on ur side too, coz lost and found again...=P

  4. Its either that guy does not know how to abuse your ATM card, or he understands the principle of karma very well.
    Ahaha......If its me, I'll take your atm card, scan it and post it on my blog! EHehehehe

  5. wah, before i say u r lucky, i would say u are so damn careless man! how can u left u bank card there? i tot u have to get ur bankcard out first before u could get the money from the ATM machine?

  6. to boon: ouchies~~ :P Hehehehe

    to cometh: AMEN! :D

  7. have you ever considered that sometimes these 'no integrity' people might be absent minded and genuinely forgot what they said previously despite the witnesses around?

  8. lukxiufung: Indeed.

    liew: Definitely, but there are still hope.

    -et3rnal-: How I wish that is the case with my laptop. =p

    3POINT8: Then, I must be thankful he is not a blogger. LOL.

    yipguseng: Actually I am there to deposit money. So, there is no reminder to take the card.

    宝茹: AMEN to that....

    seraphangel: Well, NOT if the matter being said is of great importance. Let's just say the matter being mentioned here involved the police.

    That certain someone, with sheer confidence and loud voice said something that is not true in front of a lot of people, and when the matter is found out, that certain someone denied ever saying such things.

    Absent minded? Definitely a big NO.

    Absent minded as reason cannot justify the harm and the crime committed.

  9. you're indeed lucky to meet such a good person. my my ..


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