Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tora and Ding Dang

Well, this brings back memories. Childhood memories that is.

Passed by Everise (Near 7th Mile), and saw the two things from my childhood days that I thought have already phase out or out of distribution already. The Tora and Ding Dang.


Ding Dang

I remembered the young naive me used to keep pestering my mum to buy Tora or the Ding Dang. Not because of the chocolate balls inside (not exactly taste good) but because of the different toys one gets.

Hence, I smiled when I saw the Tora and Ding Dang at the shelves. Without even thinking what others (my colleagues) would think, I grab a Tora and a Ding Dang and march to the cashier. Yes, a macho big guy like me buying some kiddy stuff.
(Standing at 6 feet and around 95kg- Yep, definitely consider myself a BIG guy. I am not FAT. I am BIG-BONED. Muhahahahaha.)

Next, some more pictures.

Choco in Tora

Choco in Ding Dang

Magnetic Fishing Set in Tora

Bubble Blowing Set in Ding Dang

Right. Now I can blow some bubble while fishing at the same time when I am bored. =p

I would think that some might not even hear about Tora and Ding Dang, perhaps maybe the rich would never heard bout it. Something like I am too "standard" to be buying stuff like that kind of thing. Somewhere along that line.

Their childhood probably would be full time tuition, learning linguistic lessons, and definitely learn piano or the violin or **insert musical instrument here**. Or even, their play time would be playing golf or tennis and their hobby would be like flying the helicopter or plane or something. =p

Anyway, like what I said, it brings back childhood memories. I am considered a kampung boy. Not exactly authentic kampung boy but a kampung boy nonetheless coming from a small town.

So, what my childhood was like?

It involves climbing trees (Not just some sissy ass midget tree ok, but giant tree where you can see buildings far away if you are on the top), fishing as in catching fishes by jumping into the mud when the water is low and use bare hand to feel the fish, play hide and seek, explore secondary forest nearby, making own weapon (the lastik) and try to hunt down birds and a lot more. Well, you get the idea.

Gosh, suddenly I feel old. Those days, Tv shows such as Transformers, Thundercats, Mickey Mouse, Voltron, Ultraman, Bugs Bunny, He-Man, McGyver, the Wat's Up Doc bunny, the yippa yippa anderra anderaa mouse cartoon are a must watch.

That is it already. The more I think back the older I felt I have become. Cannot like that, Have to stop already..

Forever Young mah. =p


  1. Oh gosh...I was a fan long long long.. long long long time ago too! Didn't know you can still get those now.

  2. Hahaha, forever young! :D

    Ooohhh...climbing trees and fishing? That's really cool!

  3. reminds me of a when i was young. my mum brought me to dentist with the promised to buy me a box of ding dang... =) coz i hate n scared of dentist.. sweet memory..
    how much it cost now? i remembered it was at 50 cents last time, which was expensive for me!

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  5. Last time after school, I used to go to the groceries shop to buy a package everyday.. I like to eat le..

  6. yea, i like ding dang too...used to buy it from rotiman (on motorbike). I like junkies when i was a kid, and yea, becoz of the toys it offers.
    BTW, i m living in KL, but i do climb trees.


  7. fishman: Yes, I am also suprised that it is still in circulation.

    宝茹: Definitely....

    cbenc12: Yeah, it costs around rm1.20 for Ding Dang and Rm1.80 for Tora if I remembered correctly.

    Telefone VoIP: Thanks

    keeyit: Yea, a fellow ding dang and tora lover. =p

    Nux V; Oh, climb tree in KL? that is like way cool. =p


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