Monday, August 13, 2007

Flower Crab Dish

Yours Truly is not a good cook. Heck, he can't even cook something good enough that is presentable. =p

Anyway, there is this one time I tried to cook crab. "Flower Crab". (Don't translate this into cantonese.....that would sound wrong....real wrong.... =p)

So, I got this fresh flower crab that waits to be cooked. The keyword here is fresh. One would never be wrong in using fresh things. =p

After cleaning up and arranging em nicely, the crabs are ready to be cooked without any other spices or ingredient, just fresh flower crabs..... (It is vital for the crabs to be FRESH.... =p)

Wash properly and arrange in an oven plate

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Then put inside the oven.......


Flower Crab Dish

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So, that is it.

There is also a few variety of this good stuff.

Variety 1: After the oven, let it cool down a bit then put it in the freezer. The next day take it out and start eating it cold. Yes, COLD. The taste is surprisingly good.

Variety 2: Before putting it in the oven, mix with whiskey and eat right after the oven. Two thumbs up for the taste. =p

Variety 3: Put a bit of black pepper and then put lots of cheese on top, then put it in the oven then consume while it is hot. The taste is so cheesylicious.... =p

Random Picture Of The Day By Yours Truly

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  1. suddenly start cooking? first the choco walker delight, now crab. hehehe. i didn't know we can cook crab in the oven. I should try this sometime. =)

  2. Ooohhh...variety 3 sounds the most delicious. :)

    Yum yum!

    You are right about variety 1. Actually, many hot dishes taste better when cold. :P

  3. wah! next time when you cook crab can i joined for the makan time ar :D. I likes to eat only, cook, better leave it to someone who can cook hehehe

  4. kaklong: I don't really know how to cook, so most of the time I experiement on things..=p

    I love FOOD..... EATING.... =p

    宝茹: Yeah, the taste is definitely different in a tasty way. As for Variety 3, who can resist CHEESE..... =p

    babyfiona: Well, it depends. Next time I might need a guinea pig to test the food I experiemented on..heh heh heh =p

  5. Cheeeeessssseeeee!!! Sheesh! How the hell am I gonna find cheese at this hour of the night!?

    Hmm...I'm guessing you discovered Variety 1 purely on laziness :P

  6. This wan look better...The banana really cant accept...

  7. runawaycat: Hohohoho, actually it is kinda like a joke suggestion but then it works...=p

    lukxiufung: LOL, Man don't you ever heard the saying don't judge a book by it's cover.... =p... You are missing out on a lot of good things if you do so..heh...=p

  8. To kailoon and cometh: Hahaha...really, really funny. Why can't you accept the banana? Chocolate ice cream is so different from Milo~ :P

    But maybe Milo would taste better...haha, I really don't know. Cometh! You should experiment. :P

  9. cometh~~ i'm so hungry right now.. cook for me, pls, pls =P

  10. 宝茹: MILO definitely can't compare to MY Banana Choco Walker Delight....
    No, I refuse to accept it...=p..

    Hmmm, however can consider Milo as one of the ingredient next time.... =p

    kaklong: Hohohoho, erm if you willing to be guinea pig....hahah to experiment on... =p


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