Monday, August 6, 2007

Get Your Picture Drawing

Ever wondered how would you look like in cartoon or hand drawing? Well, yours truly got his picture hand drawn by the talented Loon here.

Now, Loon offered to draw anyone who owns a blog with the condition that you (those who own a blog) review his blog in your blog. =p. So, now might be a good time to get that blog you been planning to. =p

Anyway, you can choose the original sketch or colored or even vectorized. How cool is that? So head over for more details. Click here.

For those who doesn't have a blog and still wish to get drawn, I am sure Loon will consider if you ask nicely. =p

And for your information, Yours Truly can't draw even if his life depends on it.

Don't believe? Heck, if compared, Loon's drawing can kick my drawing's arse to the moon and back ten times.

Still don't believe? Alright, moment of revelation. =p

Pic 1

(click for bigger resolution picture)

Pic 2

(click for bigger resolution picture)

So, Pic 1 IS yours truly drawing of himself and Pic 2 is Loon's drawing of yours truly. See....What did I tell you? Like I said, I can't draw even if my life depends on it. =p

Pic 2, the vectorized drawing is damn nice. What are you waiting for?

Head over and start requesting. =p

** Friendly reminder- For those who thinks Pic 1 is better than Pic 2, Please go consult an eye specialist in your area or just find one eye specialist to get your eyes checked. Thank You. =p****

Random Picture Of The Day By Yours Truly

(click for bigger resolution picture)


  1. Pic 1 is funny~

    Like kid's drawing. :D Still cute, haha.


    I went to Kailoon's. I don't have nice pic. Searching, searching...


  2. Haha! This is funny.
    And yea the vectorized one is really nice :)

  3. lol. this post is funny =) I was smiling while reading it. Hehe..

  4. 宝茹,kaklong,runawaycat: Funny? I was being serious... =p...heh

    Loon: LOL...stickman style...=p

  5. Of course you are. :) (No sarcasm here.)

    Funny is good. That is why we love reading your blog. :P made Kaklong smile! :)

    Stick drawing is still nice.

  6. Woh, you find my stick drawing nice??? better than Loon's??? Then Please head over to the friendly reminder.... =p

    Just joking....=p



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