Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sandakan Trip 2005 Part 1

Went to Sandakan for sightseeing a while back around 2005. The mascot for the town is the Orang Utan. Watch the video of Orang Utan here.

Anyway, back to Sandakan. It is like a 7 to 9 hours journey by bus from KK to Sandakan. It is like freaking long and also the bus driver would put "Tok Hoi" of Initial D fame to shame with his skills navigating along the treacherous small and winding road uphill and downhill. Hell, the bus driver can kick "Tok Hoi" ass racing with the eye closed and hand tied to the back..... =p

Here, for those who really don't know
"Tok Hoi" of Initial D fame

Back to Sandakan, one thing I noticed when I arrived in Sandakan is that there are lots of monkeys and their brothers and sisters at every roundabout. Well, most of it at least. =p

Proboscis Monkey

(click for bigger resolution picture)

Then, yours truly come across the Grandfather of all monkeys........

.....Lo and Behold.....

(click for bigger resolution picture)

We definitely HAVE to take picture together. =p

(click for bigger resolution picture)

There is also one interesting place in Sandakan. Some kind of a church in a cave-like mountain/hill. =p

(click for bigger resolution picture)

To be continued......Part 2...... =p


  1. The last picture does look interesting! :D Did you go in?

  2. Ermm, i just took photo of it. Did not really go in and pray. Scared something might bite me... =p


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