Sunday, August 26, 2007

Food Post Yet Again

Looks like this going to be a food blog soon.

Anyway, this post is a continuation from here. The trip to Sandakan. Since picture worth a thousand words, there is no need for yours truly to elaborate much then.....

***Again it is reminded that only a few pictures of food taken because yours truly is terribly busy at that point in time. Terribly busy with eating that is.. =p***


Fish Noodle
(Definitely a must try. The noodle are made of fish meat. Yum Yum)

(click for bigger resolution picture)

Prawn Noodle
(This is also nice but I still prefer the fish noodle..=p)

(click for bigger resolution picture)

Blueberry Cheese Cake
(Need I say more???)

(click for bigger resolution picture)

(refer to the blueberry comment)

(click for bigger resolution picture)

(different kinds of shell-snail-like thingy.... YUM YUM)

(click on individual picture for bigger resolution )

That is all...... Food For Life.... =p


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  2. Hi! Just to let you know.. you've been tagged... enjoy!

  3. I like cheese too! :D:D

    Prawn noodles...yum!!! *stomach growling*

  4. LukXiuFung: Who doesn't? heh =p

    Tuan Rumah: Hmmmm...wrong post?

    Dani: Oh, noooooooo.... not again? =p

    宝茹: Yum yum... =p

  5. It is only 10am in the morning and now u making me counting down to 12 for lunch hour!!!!

    *stomach making lots of noises*

  6. You should change the title to "Bernard Cometh Food" and

    "Leave Yer Revelations" to "Leave Yer Saliva"


  7. Princess Eileen: Eat Eat Eat...

    kaklong: Woh....hmmm considering...hmmmm =p


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