Saturday, August 4, 2007

Mating Season

I guess it is mating season already or is it my sis's pet chi hua hua is just a sex crazed dog. =p. Previous post on Princeton is here.

This is the video of Princeton humping like mad. So I guess it is mating season after all. =p (Except for the fact that there is no female chi hua hua. According to my sis, currently trying to get a female chi hua hua for Princeton to rape satisfy his need. =p)

Hump Away

That is it. =p

Picture Of The Day By Yours Truly

(click for bigger resolution picture)


  1. oi...18sx leh..

    he is so strong....

  2. LOL, Only at times will suddenly crazed up..heh....Raging hormon i think... =p

  3. does the dog shoot the thing at ur leg? yuck...

  4. hahahahhaha....the dog rape whose leg is that?? yours?? lol.. your leg is not virgin anymore ^_^ (just kidding hahaha)

  5. funny~~ the dog has fall in love with ur leg issit??

  6. icalvyn: Can feel the little thingy poking. =p

    kaklong: LOL.... =p

    -et3rnal-: Quite, although not often I said, should be mating season now... =p


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