Thursday, August 9, 2007

Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion is quite interesting.

Examples of Optical Illusion:

Optical Illusion 1

Optical Illusion 2

Optical Illusion 3

Optical Illusion 4
Look carefully it is a word. =p

Optical Illusion 5

Optical Illusion 6

Optical Illusion 7

That is it......Interesting.... =p especially the No.6.

No Picture of the Day...... =p


  1. now u got me dizzy dizyyyy (cant even spell coreectly liaooo)

  2. Is it? Heh.... The one no.6 I tot I saw the image of Jesus Christ,..... LOL.... Not that I know how HE looked like anyway but the usual image that portray him.... A guy with beard.//... =p

  3. number 6 is cool! but i thought it's a picture of a singer. hehe.

  4. #5 so dizzy ah...

    #4 I had to think about this. Haha. Good one!

  5. Yeah, optical illusions are cool... =p


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