Saturday, December 27, 2008

Brown Recluse Spider Bite Wound

Please be warned that the following contain graphics that may or may not make you lose appetite. Any occurrence of such said condition will be solely at your own risk.

Another point to note. The following pictures are from unknown author hence proper credit can't be addressed. I am a firm believer of giving credits to where it is due. Ahem. Legal plagiarism yo. So, credits to the owner. Ahem.

This series of brown recluse spider bite wound pictures has been in circulation for quite sometime already I think but since I just got it so I assume there are still lots of you who have not seen the pictures.

First of all, ladies and gentlemen. This is a brown recluse spider or so it says in the email.

Brown Recluse Spider

Looks like your ordinary house spider eh. Now kids, don't go and get yourself bitten by spiders and hope that you will become Spiderman or something. That is wrong. Even if that is possible, you are better off to go and get bitten by Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. They are not the richest men for nothing ya know.

Alright, back to the post. Brown Recluse Spider bite wound. It is possible that the pictures are doctored or even the wounds are created artificially. After all with today's technology and visual effects, almost anything is possible.

It would be quite impossible for someone to sacrifice one of his or her limb just to experiment and to show how does a bite wound looks like. Right? That is just not sane.

Here, the pictures. Judge for yourself.

Day 3 Wound

Day 4 Wound

Day 5 Wound

Day 6 Wound

Day 9 Wound

Day 10 Wound

There you have it. The supposedly brown recluse spider bite wound. Lost your appetite yet? Don't say I did not warn ya. Ahem.


  1. That fella got diabetes is it? Why can't it heal?

  2. I've seen that these bites have been successfully treated with nitroglycerin patches. This link might be useful:

  3. OUch....this guy looks like he had been expecting this since day 1.

    Anyway, Happei Nevv Yhrah!


  4. QiQi: Hmmm dunno also... =p

    Anon: Oh, this can be cured?

    3Point8: True... =p

  5. The (toxious)bite of this spider causes a necrosis of the flesh. the necrosis grows every day... so this guy here should have gone to the doctor to get the antidote :S

  6. Anon: Oh cool. So an antidote can fix that rotting flesh?

  7. The venom of a brown recluse in a technical sense, rots the flesh of whatever it bites. This wound is actually more typical than most people would think. No diabetes involved, just the worst spider you can get bitten by in the continental US

  8. If you see something like this on your body goto the doctor dont wait for it to get this bad.
    who does that

  9. he did go to the doctore its held open with a suture tied around his hand by the looks of it, ive seen a bite where the guy went almost right away and lost over a 14 inch around piece of his thigh, this guy got lucky, because the fattier the tissue the more the necrosis affects the area around the bite

  10. i got bit what should i do.

  11. Anon1: Thanks for the info.

    Anon2: True. Go to the doctor for help.

    Anon3: That is one bad ass spider...

    Anon4: Please go get advice from your doctor. Don't wait.


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