Friday, June 20, 2008

Puppies Alert

The story begins with my sis getting a mixed chi hua hua named Princeton.

Now, this Princeton is one horny dog that always tried to hump anything that crosses its path to satisfy his insane lust. As can be seen in the video in the post Mating Season.

Anyway, the last straw came when this Princeton even tries to hump Lucky. Scared that Princeton might turn gay, my sis desperately looks for a female dog for Princeton to hump rape make love to.

And for your information, Lucky is a healthy male terrier. So, Princeton and Lucky are always together with Princeton ever ready to wait till Lucky let his guard down to start the humping plan as can be seen in the Men's Best Friend post.

So, my sis got a female miniature pinscher or popularly known as a MinPin with the name Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell is to be the sacrifice humping-mate wife of Princeton. At first, Princeton is quite skeptical and still tries to hump Lucky but as time passes, he begins to give attention to Tinkerbell.

Then on one stormy fateful night, Tinkerbell is raped humped by Princeton not once but twice forcefully. I shall omit the details now as it contains obscenity and will do away with the pictures as well.

To cut the long story short. This is what happened after the fateful incident.

Miniature Pincsher PregnantPregnant
(Tinkerbell:Oww, Princeton. You must take responsibility...You MUST)
(Princeton: Baby, of course I will. Don't be silly. What makes you think I wont be responsible?)

Tinkerbell's tummy grow with each day passes. OMG, she is pregnant and Princeton is going to be a dad soon. Small little Tinkerbells and Princetons running about.
(What do you expect? This is the result of not using a condom. Even with condom there are possibility of leakage. So, always be certain if you are just the one night stand type or even if you are in a relationship but not prepared to have children.- This public awareness service is brought to you by BenardCometh Revelations. Always Play Safe and No Regrets Later. =p)

Back to the focus of this post. During the pregnancy period, Princeton started to aim for Lucky again. Geez, a bisexual dog he is.

After around 64 days, this morning Tinkerbell finally give birth to 3 cute puppies. At first only two puppies "dropped" out and the mommy was up about and even went to pee and after a while the third of which is the largest among the puppy finally "drop" out making the total of 3 puppies.

PuppiesMommy TinkerBell

Tinkerbell became quite aggressive when the other dogs try to approach the puppies. The maternal instinct kicks into action trying to protect her babies. However, she allows us to approach and have a good look at the puppies. Guess she understand the saying ," Don't bite the hand that feeds you".

Puppies 1The 3 Puppy-Keteers
(As in Musketeers)

The introduction to each puppy coming right up.

The First
Puppy cute
The Second
Cute puppy
The Third
New born puppy

They are just one day old, heck not even a day old. I think just around 10 hours old and they have strong sibling bonds. And oh, there are 2 males and 1 female.
(Still can't open their eyes yet the puppies)

Cute Puppies cuddling togethersleeping together

Sleepy Face puppyMake sleepy face for the camera

Annoyed PuppiesStop taking our pics

That is it. The latest addition to the house. Courtesy of Tinkerbell and Princeton.


  1. *just died from overdosage of cuteness*

  2. aw .. so adorable !!
    *poking* :P

  3. can courier one to me? i wanna adopt them!

  4. **Rolls down and laugh till died**

    Love your way with words...

  5. More pics!!!!!!! So cute

  6. awww cuties. Congratulations to Tinkerbell and Princeton.

  7. Yup... more pics... more pics... i wan to see more pics...

  8. Cute~~~
    What did u do it? how come the 1st pic is purple in colour 1?
    Did u just play play a game of paintball with it?

  9. haha~! rly cute arr..
    yeaa.. *mating season*
    my female cat oso in desperately wans some "love".. bt i wont allow. coz evrytime the kittens sure die one. shes stil too young to b a mommy ;P~


  10. samantha: Don't die yet. Keep on visiting... =p

    levian: No poking allowed. They are still small... =p

    nux_v: Erm, they would die along the way...=p I guess.

    kath: Don't die...How come all want to die... =p

    zack: Definitely.

    manny: More pics will come soon.

    mariposa: Yep, congrats to them.

    jill: No, you cant have em... =p

    x_crabby: Coming soon.

    3point8: A little bit of photoshop... =p

    xaximie: hey, thanks for the comment. =p

    Eh, kittens sure die? I heard that better not to touch the kitten when they are just newly borned cuz the mother will eat them. Is it true?

  11. hmm.. i guess the myth bout "touching newborn kittens & mum will eat em" can b tru 4 some.. but some mum they don care coz they luv the owner s much s they luv their children.

    but da thing bout my female cat is she dunno how to take k of the kitties. dats y after few days die lor.. RIP~

  12. They're so cute! Yes, you read this a lot of times already. :P

    I can't view the video. :((

    Yeah, how come Tinkerbell's color is pinkish? :P

  13. aw .. no ??
    pretty please ??
    *asking while the fingers still went non-stop* :P

  14. xaximie: Oh, like that u have to take care for her loh...heh... Mummy kitty...

    宝茹: the color is actually brown... Blame it on my sub-par editing skills. =p

    levian: Grrrr, back off..I bite...Grrrr


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