Thursday, June 19, 2008


You have got to be kidding me. Came across this when filling in a registration form.

Gender- Male, Female, Doubt.
(Doubt?????? )

Gender optionsDoubt your gender?

Fear not for Yours Truly is here.

BenardCometh Revelations Instant DIY Gender Checker

1st step
Go to the toilet
(If there's no toilet, go somewhere private)
(Please, for the love of GOD don't do this in public)

2nd step
Strip naked

3rd step
Look south

4th step
Check and Confirm by cross-checking the result of your findings to the chart below
(Bear in mind that this chart is found at the cradle of civilization, so that means that this chart have always been used as a reference since ancient times. So the accuracy is undeniable.)


Ultimate Gender Reference Chart
Reveal thy gender

5th step
Double confirm again your gender with the above chart

6th step
Always ask for a second opinion and reconfirm.

7th step
Congratulation, give yourself a pat in the back.
You have confirmed your gender and you will never doubt again.

Final step
Proceed to fill in the registration form with confidence.

That is it. Gender checking revealed.

Now, you will have to excuse me while I go and check mine. K? I have a registration to fill.

Thank You very much.

Sekian, Terima Kasih.


  1. Ola fellow nuffnanger

    Hmmm that's where you got it mixed up. Gender does not refer to the physical traits. That would be "sex". Meaning, we are born with a fixed sex (i.e with a penis or a vagina) but we learn to adopt gender roles (i.e behave like a male or a female).

    So in that sense a person with a penis could still be "female".

    ...or something like that.

  2. agree with cyren z.wong~~~

    i even read one news before that the baby borns has both he/she can choose what gender he/she wants to the end, his/her parents decide to choose girl....what if when she grows up, her mentally is like a male...Ooopss, operate wrong gender~

  3. terima kasih for the useful sharing...i dun tink it applies to me ;-)

  4. You gender discrimination!!!!!

    Nah, just kidding... I know you are looking at the lighter side of things but not all will get what you are trying to do.

    Funny enough... +1

  5. Good one... Was laughing like mad...

  6. There are other gender you know.

  7. LOL. Can I choose others?

  8. wow...
    cyren's comment is very thought provoking!

  9. cyren: Ah, and then there is that. =)

    -et3rnal-: Oh, icic. =p

    nux_v: Hohohoho, is it?

    kath: what? what did I do? =p

    zack: Thanks...that is the purpose...=p

    manny: Oh? care to enlighten us?

    Jill: of course you can.

    3point8: thought provoking indeed.


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