Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Oil Fried Ghost Breakfast

Yau Char kuay and Kompiaoil fried ghost & kompia

"Yew Zha Kui" in Foochow or "Yau Zha Kwai" in Cantonese literally means "Oil Fried Ghost" if translated to Bahasa Orang Putih aka English.

Having Oil Fried Ghost and Kompia for breakfast with a cup of hot tea/coffee is just HEAVENLY.

Oh yeah, this is the LIFE. Slowly enjoying the breakfast, reading newspapers, looking at ants crawling by and listening to the birds chirping with a slight hint of early morning breeze.
(Ok, maybe not the ants crawling by and the birds chirping but nonetheless peaceful and tranquil.)

Every now and then, slow down, smell the flowers and enjoy life. Life is short, why hasten to finish it?

BenardCometh Revelations wishes all of you a very good morning and have an enjoyable day.


  1. Ghost...I just remembered your ghost stories way back, hahahaha. Good morning!

  2. oh dang ..
    i want it now.
    I Want It NoW !!

  3. That doesn't seems to be appealing.

    Never heard of it before.


  4. 宝茹: More local ghost stories coming right up...Soon. =p

    levian: Erm, this is best eaten fresh hot. Which means you will have to be in Sibu for the authentic taste. =p
    Schedule a trip. Come, I know you wanted to. =p

    z: Well, looks can be deceiving. It is very very appealing. Anyway, the looks itself is very appealing already. Hmmmmm...


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