Friday, June 13, 2008

Multi Level Marketing aka MLM Chronicles


This is the cheerful and friendly resident MLM analyzer at BenardCometh Revelations. I will be handling posts regarding all that are MLM.

I am sure almost all of you are familiar with Multi Level Marketing aka MLM or at least exposed to it at one point in your life. If you never heard of it then good, stay away. Especially ones that requires you to recruit members or so called down lines in order to profit more.

Speaking from experience, undergraduates seems to be the most easily manipulated. It's quite ironic in the sense that undergraduates are suppose to be more educated and able to have that critical thinking mindset. Guess that education does at times makes one dumber. Greed is after all the main cause of downfall.

Have you ever been asked to attend an outing where you ended up in some MLM seminar where there seems to be some kind of cult going on? People being over friendly all of a suddenly until it is quite freaky? Or even people in suits all over listening to some so called "famous" and "established" speakers? All promising success and wealth that can be gained easily. Yeah right, famous and established my ass.

Those seminars are usually done to "brainwash" the young, naive and gullible you into joining. The so called "famous" and "established" speakers are masters of deceptions and almost always try to influence by examples, joke, testimonies, and etc. There is a saying. "If it is too good to be true, it is". There is always no free lunch in this world.

The biggest problem with MLM would be the market saturation. They would tell you that it is NOT a problem because there are so many people in this world and that not everyone will join so the market saturation thing is alright. No problem there.

Yeah right, no problem my ass. MLM focus on recruiting members as the main means of earning money. The more you recruit the better and all are promised with easy money as long as they can recruit more members. That is where the market saturation comes to play, do the math. One do not need to become Einstein to realize that the model is not sustainable.

But then again, you will think that there is no problem as long as you can recruit the initial 10 members to gain back your investments and any additional extras would be easy profit, the others have to find their own victims or suckers members/down lines. That is where you are wrong you stinking selfish bastard, that is equivalent to cheating/scam and last I checked scam is illegal.

It is still ok if the population growth can outgrow the recruitments then you will not have the market saturation problem, but that is NOT the case in real world. The other 10 members of yours will have to find 10 members each and them another 10 members each who believe or shall I say brainwashed into believing that they can make money by recruiting more members.

Use some common sense and do the math, it will even be more than the Earth's population. What? Don't tell me you plan to recruit monkeys next and use banana currency do you? That my dear Watson is market saturation. Don't lie to yourself and deny the market saturation problem. It exists and will be relevant for times to come.

Then, some smart ass MLM people come up with new models. Lets us recruit 5 people, 3 people, 2 people. That way we can say that market saturation is not a problem or even that way, the people can be fooled into thinking that the market will have more potential members. Market saturation would just magically disappear. Yeah right, keep on dreaming. Again, use some common sense and do the math.

"But but but but, we are focused on the product rather than recruiting members. Of course recruiting members would be better but really the products matter. Really." Really my ass.

Most MLMs uses the products as a diversion from the real money making scheme which is recruiting members. It is a way to "dress up" so that it looks legal instead of looking like a scam. Well, the products might be good but lets be realistic. In most of the cases, the products are not the incentive or motivation to join MLM but the promise of success and wealth by recruiting more people. The products act as a cover or front to legalize things.

Now, if the product is so great and so good, then why is it not being sold through the normal way/method where they could potentially earn more than what they are earning. Not focused on recruiting people mah you say. Focus more on product mah you say. Then why does the products need to use so called "special marketing" aka MLM? Think about it will ya?

So, don't give me the bullshit that the MLM are focus on products or even the tactic of being a member so that the products can be cheaper. Well, if that is the case then there is no need for you to look for members right? You just want to buy cheaper products. Heck, don't even join as member, every time you want to buy, then buy from the MLM guy/gal. They can get member price mah. Same also right?

Almost always, those expert MLM people would give example of the top few dogs with their success story and their fat income not to mention the cars they drive such as BMW, Merc, Sport cars and the like. From there, they hope to influence by selling the "dream".

How many people needed as cannon fodder or victims for them to reach where they are? To have the so called "success" they have? Stop and think for a moment will ya?

No, where got victims? They are where they are by purely selling products. It's the product emphasize approach that they use. They have their own mojo in selling products you know? Yeah right, selling products my ass.

Snap out of the dream already. The reality is that more than often it is always hundreds of people as victim or sacrificial lambs to be one of the successful ones in MLM. This is always done by manipulation and deceptions of which gives false hope and dreams.

And that will be all for this edition. There might be more in the future depending on whether I feel like posting or not. Most probably I will as I have a lot to say about this matter. A whole lot.

Thank you for reading until this point. My apology for the bad usage of English. It must be a pain to read through all of the above.

Pardon for the excessive usage of "my ass". Lately I have this fascination with my ass that borders on obsession. So beware, I bite. Grrrrr.



  1. "But but but but, we are focused on the product rather than recruiting members. Of course recruiting members would be better but really the products matter. Really."

    as if !! ahahaha !! focus on products, then stop calling themselves MLM. geez .. it's like slapping themselves in the face. lame .. XD

  2. True that there are unethical MLM out there. However, there are some that really ethical and product focused.

    Anyway, generally MLM do emphasize on getting members rather than selling the products.


  3. Informative post. Good one.

  4. True. But there are some MLM marketers out there who are truly sincere. Still, they focus on the college students, because they are the ones who are blinded by the get-rich-quick-schemes.

  5. I think you got pretty much everything right. It's not even a question of sincerity... MLM just isn't mathematically feasible.


  6. levian: Yep...=p

    zack: Cheers....

    kath: Sure, no prob..

    宝茹: Oh? there are good ones... ? =p

    joyfulchicken: True... =p

  7. I don't really know. :P I personally am a bit skeptical of MLM too. But I don't want to assume that everyone is not sincere. :P


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