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Monday, June 23, 2008

Video of The Puppies

Did not manage to really get the video while Tinkerbell is giving birth but I am sure it's not a pretty sight.

Anyway, here's the video of the puppies. Enjoy.
(The best part is at the end. =p)


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levian said...

i waited for 4 minutes + just for the "let me out" squeak !! you sure know how to "torture" your viewer !! *joking* XD

by the way, cool video thingy you made there. bouncy fonts, matrix effect .. sweet !! *claps* :D

mobile said...

It's a pain looking at ur blog using my n95 8gb. Have u ever consider making BenardCometh Revelations a mobile version?

Mariposa said...

awww such cuties!! I only made out 2 of them. Where's the 3rd? the pup on the right is a fierce 'sucker'..lol the poor mum!

Cometh said...

levian: Forgive me for I am innocent. =p

mobile: Thanks for the suggestion. I might just create a mobile version in the near future.

mariposa: At the time of the video, the third is still in the tummy. =p

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