Monday, June 9, 2008

BenardCometh Revelations 1st Anniversary

Time really flies.
(if that is the case and if the saying,"Time flies when you are having fun" rings true then it shows that I am having fun? or am I not?)

Almost forget that this month is the 1st year anniversary for BenardCometh Revelations.

Yes, Yours Truly will not just stick to a mere day for the anniversary but will take the whole month, the month of June as the anniversary because the specific day celebration for anniversary is popularized by all of you mere mortals hence the need for a whole month as indication for BenardCometh Revelations to show uniqueness.
(Yeah right, in another words this yours truly forget when exactly is the date he starts his first post.)

I first started to churn out posts on a wordpress platform at the Alpha and Omega Revelations.

Then I moved on to blogspot/blogger since it is way easier to remember my log in and password as it is connected to my gmail account. It tends to get quite confusing if like me, you have hundreds of online accounts with different login and passwords.

When I made the move to blogspot, I figures that Alpha and Omega Revelations doesn't really sounds right so BenardCometh Revelations comes to existence.

Why BenardCometh Revelations? It's quite simple and straightforward actually. The arrival of Benard to reveal hence BenardCometh Revelations is to have all the revelations by Benard for the public eye. To be scrutinized by the public.

With BenardCometh Revelations comes the tag line "Revealing What's Not" which is not shown in this first incarnation of BenardCometh Revelation but will be shown in the rebirth of BenardCometh Revelations.

Yes, the changes of the layout will mark this rebirth which will be soon before the month ended but do not expect much extravagant or fanciness from the rebirth as that is for the materialistic mere mortals that dwell on earthly possessions whereas the rebirth borders on the ugly or the fugly if that is even considered a word.

The reasons being that without ugly-there will be no beautiful, without bad-there will be no good, and without evil-there will be no holy. The beautiful is only beautiful because of comparison with ugly, the good is only good because the comparison with bad, and the holy is only holy because of the comparison with evil. With the existence of Hell there is a Heaven and vice versa.

Like the saying goes, "I don't go to Hell, who go to Hell" or in Cantonese, "Ngor Pat yap Dei Yuk, Shui Yap Dei Yuk".

With that, the rebirth is aimed for humanity and mankind and womankind. Have to add the womankind part cuz if not will risk being seen as gender discrimination.

"Itu dia, Tuan Tuan dan Puan Puan sekalian. Ulangtahun pertama BenardCometh Revelations. Kenduri 40 hari 40 malam untuk meraikannya."

Roughly the above sentences are translated as:
That is it ladies and gentlemen. BenardCometh Revelations first anniversary. Let there be a feast for 40 days and 40 nights to celebrate.

"Sekian, terima kasih kerana sudi membaca dari mula hingga sekarang. Trimas."
(That's all, thank you for willing to reading from the start until now. Thanks.)

BenardCometh Revelations 1st Anniversary Wallpaper1st Anniversary wallpaper


  1. Happy Anniversary~~~~ Hehehe... that you remind me... I wonder mine how old liao... but definitely older than yours lar... kekeke

  2. can't you refer back to your first post to know the date ?? nah .. you're just giving yourself an excuse n the Credit to Celebration for the whole months. (busted you again, didn't i ??) XD

    ConGratZ on your first AnniversaRy !! :D

  3. congratulations lah benard for the anniversary!!! More to go~!

  4. congrats! looking for more of your posts!
    btw, mana itu kenduri?

  5. Hahahahahahahhahahahahahaha...this post sounds so self-centered. :P

    Fits you perfectly~~ hahahahaha...:P

    Happy Anniversary!

  6. Nice wallpaper...

    Happy Anniversary.

    So, where is the feast held?


  7. eileen: Thanks and yeah, definitely yours are older as you started way earlier rite? =p

    levian: Erm, that is because previously I started off on the wordpress platform and when I changed to Blogspot I deleted the posts and move to blogspot. Hence, my first post here does not really indicate that. =p

    ed: Thanks...

    keeyit: Arigatoooo

    nux_V: Itu kenduri anywhere you want to go. Just give my name when you want to pay... =p

    宝茹: Hohohhoho..thanks

    zack: Refer to nux_v answer above. =p


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