Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oil Price Info

Oil Price InfoOil price info

Got this from an email sent to me.

Don't know whether the above is true or not but if it is, then we are fucked big time. Seriously. Why? For the fact that Malaysia IS a country that produce OIL.

Effective from June 5 starting from midnight, the petrol price increase by 78 sen, from RM1.92 per liter to RM2.70 per liter. The price of diesel increase by RM1, from RM1.58 per liter to RM2.58.

See, if the above info regarding oil prices in oil producing countries are true, we are seriously kena fucked big time. So, anyone from those countries care to clarify this?

People do realize that sooner or later the oil price definitely going to increase BUT they expect it to be done or increased gradually NOT as sudden and as much as this.

With the increase of oil prices, other goods will certainly increase. Offset to the customers mah. Darn.

Anyway, there is this article titled "Yes, let us get angry, but about the right things" from Malaysia Today that is an interesting read. Read and judge for yourself.



  1. Really fed up with the increment. And they have the guts to compare our prices with Singapore and such. HELLO~!!! LOOK AT OUR SALARIES!! Their salary range is twice as much as ours yet our petrol price is nearly the same.

    How STUPID?~! To think tat we are paying those bloody menteri-s petrols as well.. and they are using Merc and BMW. how convenient for them.

    I've heard that England had an increment in Diesel only. Not as drastic yet boycott happens.

    I wonder, is this their idea of revenge towards the rakyat for not voting them?


  2. erm....aren't you forgetting about the quality of oil?
    These cheap oil is probably not suitable for cars...

  3. darn pissed off the this 'babi betul punya gomen'!
    change lifestyle? ask the menteri-s to change their lifestyle first!

  4. liew: I hear ya, I hear ya.

    3point8: Possible..... heard bout that also.

    nux_v: Oh well, there is this one thing i don't understand. Since the government wants to support proton and says that we should support proton, How come a lot of the governments servants car are NOT proton?

    Maybe perdana is not good enough. Need to have BMW and Mercs. =p


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