Monday, June 2, 2008

Kitten Murderer

It seems that Yours Truly posts are like some magnet that attracts copycats.

Alright, a kitten has just been eaten alive by some unknown power all because of some copy cat (again).

Why you say?

Remember this? The post on copycat.

The post on Air Asia Online Check-In have been compromised or shall I say ripped off. The watermark have been forcefully removed and replaced.

CopyCatthe explanation

However, since I believe that the blog owner is ignorant on such matter and that he/she doesn't know that it is not "polite" to just rip other people's post and take it is his/her own, and that he/she have already removed the post as requested, this is just one screenshot of the blog.

copycat1even removed my watermark and replace it with his/her own
(URL removed to protect the once again innocent)

Anyway, like what I mentioned. He/She has been very cooperative by removing the post and hence all is well.

copycat2the explanation 2

However, what done is done and the kitten has been eaten. Too bad. One cute kitten gone just like that.

So, again I want to emphasize the following:

copycat3the blood is on your hands
don't drink and drive copy and blog

Don't Let The Kitten Be Eaten



  1. But... live kittens are delicious!

  2. typical "copier" ..
    tsk tsk tsk ..

  3. eeeks! copycat?? i cant imagine someone ripping my post..

  4. Dear Bernard;

    I've already email you.


  5. OOOooo...
    Lets see how many kittens I can kill tonight.
    Hey benard, do you think I can carve my name in the Guinness book of record?
    Benard, post a 1000+ more post tonight lar! I want my name on that book!

  6. Imitation is the highest form of flattery?

  7. Plagiarism is a better word to use Bernard. Don't kill or let anyone else kill any more kittens please. I own a cat blog as well.. haha :P

    Most of the time, people will just take it for granted that copying anything from the internet is fine. What they do not know is that it's "stealing" without proper consent. At least they should put a link back to the original source but how many people does that nowadays? <-- see? This is my cats blog :P

  8. Ignorant doesn't mean a thing.

    Ignorance is stupidity.

    I don't think that guy understand what plagiarism means.

  9. joyfulchicken: Oh, ya. Nearly forgot that factor.... =p

    levian:Tsk Tsk Tsk indeed

    angie: Down with all copycats...!!!!

    Anonymous: Done replying

    3point8: Wah liu eh, want to kill so many kitten meh. Save the kitteh.

    fishman: In a way...In a way...=)

    criz lai: I doubt that the copycat would know what plagiarism meant. So, I have to resort to a simpler words... See I am a very friendly guy.
    Yeah, give credit where it is due is the rule of the thumb. =)

    Z: Amen to that. =p


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