Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Air Asia Website Online Check-In

I am sure by now everyone knows Air Asia. The no frills budget airline.

Am also quite sure that everyone knows they need to get in early to the airport before the boarding time to check-in and stuff. Not less are horror stories where people have to rush like hell only to find that the counter had closed.

Tonight, just now. Yours Truly tried the Air Asia Website Online Check-In for the first time. The website check-in allow you to check in and print out your boarding pass directly providing that you doesn't have check in luggage. Hand carry is ok.

This might seems like old news to those who knows already but it is a new experience for me. Yes, laugh away at my "kampung-ness". You evil evil person.
(Hey, like the saying goes: It's better to be a fool for 5 minutes than a fool forever)

Anyway, I am going to show you how the Air Asia Website Check-In functions.
(I am sure that there are bound to be someone who don't know)

REMEMBER that you can only check-in 12 hours prior and up to 2 hours before scheduled flight departure time and THAT the website online check-in is only available for Domestic flights departing from Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Johor Bahru and Penang.

First of all, go to the Air Asia website. Choose your location and language and you will be directed to the main homepage.

Then go to the lower left section where you will see the self check in. Click on it and at the side you will see the red button with "Web check-in now". Click on that button.

Next, you will see the Web Check-In requirements. The most important thing is that your hand carry baggage must be small not the type which you use to put your 3 weeks clothes.
REMEMBER, for Website Online Check-In you cannot have check in luggage. You can only take a hand carry baggage/luggage.

Then, after you are sure that you meet the requirements, click the blue button labeled "continue" and you will see the following:

Make sure you read all that and click on "continue" to go to the next page and you will see the following:

Tick on the check box and click on the "continue" button again and you will come to another page. REMEMBER to read the Terms and Conditions Article 8.1

After you read the friendly advice and complied with the advice click on the "continue" button and you will be directed to another page.

This time it is a form for you to FINALLY begin the check-in process. Select your origin and destination then key in your reservation number and click the "continue" button and you will be directed to another confirmation.

Tick on the both check box. To acknowledge your name and also that you understand the REMINDER. Then click on the "continue" button to go to the next confirmation page.

the details has been omitted to protect the innocent

Here, double check your departure time and date as well as your arrival time and date. Check your name to see if it is correct and then click the "continue" button to go to your last confirmation page.

Congratulations, you are now checked-in. Remember to check the details again and lastly proceed to click on the blue button labeled "Print Boarding Pass" to print out your boarding pass.
(Yes, you will need to HAVE a printer in the first place to be able to print out your boarding pass. No, it doesn't just pop out from nowhere after you click on the button.)

You will see that your boarding pass look similar like the following:

Again, details are omitted to protect the innocent

Finally, you got your very own printed Air Asia Boarding Pass. Just remember to board the plane and try to not oversleep.

Oh ya, you will see the last page when you are done.

Now, everyone can FLY Check-In.
(If you meet the requirements of course)


  1. Thanks for the useful info! Great blog.

  2. Thanks for the useful info and the steps!

    Great blog!

  3. Another Sarawakian in the blogsphere?

  4. useful information.. but hmm dun really trust the website le.. hahaha

    happy valentine's day to you


  5. w.e.n.d.y: Hey there, thanks

    jam: Am a Sarawakian... From Sibu.

    宝茹: Local destination. =p

    keeyit: Well, it might just be useful..

  6. hi, may i know what if i have luggage and i have also purchase baggage handling, and if i self check in erlier, can i still go to the airport late, with time left lest thann 45 minit? will the counter close then i cannot checkin my luggage?

  7. roden: Hi, if you got luggage to check in, it will be better to go earlier. Who knows what will happen if you go late even you self check in already.

  8. can i web check in & print boarding pass from kota bharu 12hours before depature?


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