Saturday, February 23, 2008

Magazine Cover

I have to confess.

I am drawn to the dark side after looking at the magazine-making-attempt by 3Point8 and Levian.

Don't have a choice but to concur with the dark urge.

Have to create a magazine cover because a friend ask yours truly to edit her picture it is the right thing to do.

Presenting yours truly futile attempt at editing.

Be NICE, Don't laugh.

At least I have tried.

The concepts are actually inspired by a few real magazine cover that I found while googling. Credits to them =p


  1. hehey, you came out with your mag design! This is so original!

  2. it's a marvelous design~ indeed, u r talented in it~ moo ganbadeshou.

  3. good mah the design! where got things to laugh? nothing to laugh also!!

    but for 1 second i tot u getting married! hahaha!!

  4. whoa... this 1 nice cover woh.... recently many blogger also appear themselves in popular magazine liow

  5. you did this yourself ?? *wide-eyed sebastian-like*

  6. 3POINT8: Thanks

    ed: Thanks

    keeyit: Thanks

    yipguseng: heh, wont that fast man... =p

    vickie: I just realized that they use the easy way.... and here I thought they use photoshop all this while.. =p

    levian: Yeah, ok is it? =p


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