Thursday, February 28, 2008

Car Stolen Alert

Just if you want to know, I got well and healthy already. Not that anyone wants to know anyway.

Crime is definitely on the rise. Almost everyday, there are news about crimes such as murder, robbery, car-jacking and so forth. Especially with the ever so inefficient "effective and efficient" law enforcers. We need some vigilante or something. The public should be alert and be helpful in the event of crime being committed. Not that we are taking law into our own hands. That is illegal you know.

However, the sad case is that most of the general public would not care less about what happen to other people just because of the fact that it does not happen to them. They would prefer to not help or interfere in preventing crime as they are afraid that they would be in trouble. The mindset of "it does not concerns me-does not affect me -not happening to me so there is no need to worry or help" kind of thing becomes all "ME, ME, ME, ME, ME.....I, I, I, I, I".

Anyway, yours truly am not going to begin some preaching/lecture on the selfishness of humanity.

Back to the focus of this post.

Yours Truly am helping a poor soul who had his car stolen/carjacked by some bastards. I understand the feeling of having something stolen and the helplessness experienced because am unable to do anything. After all, my laptop was stolen and my car was almost carjacked.

Since it is requested by a friend, thus the purpose of this post is the spread the news around and hopefully it will be of some use. Even though the readers of this blog are countable by fingers and majority are not even from Kuching.


White Toyota Camry
(Old version)

QC 3718

Stolen at Jalan Song, Kuching
(Singapore Chicken Rice Car park Area)

If there are any information
be a kind soul
Mr. Au


Do not have the picture of the car
but it is the same type as the car in the picture

One more thing ho. I do not understand what is the attraction of Jalan Song. Almost every night there are a lot and I mean A LOT of people going there not to mention the amount of cars. During holidays even worst, there are cars parked everywhere. The food there is just "mah mah tei" jek which means ok lah still can live.

There have been a lot of incidents where cars are stolen and especially where cars are broken into which is evident from the broken pieces of glasses on the ground. And yet, there are still a lot of people who park their cars at dark, hidden places. Try holding a fish in front of a cat and see whether the cat will grab for it or not. Sheeshhh.

Furthermore, there have been a lot of cases already. Where are the law enforcers? Mana? At least have some patrol cars to round the place frequently. And don't stick to a routine of patrolling the place ok? For example, every 30 minutes. Make it random because although the criminal are bastards, they are clever bastards ok? So, make it random patrol alright?

And "puh lezzzzz" (please) law enforcers, remember that IF you want to be able to catch the criminals, do not activate the blue-red lights and siren. You do know that criminals are not deaf and blind rite? Well, I am sure that is common sense but I just want to remind ya all.

I can go on and on about this but I better stop here. The main focus of this post is the stolen car. So again, be a dear and inform Mr. Au if you have any information. I have a feeling that I am spreading the news to thin air or even the news would not spread far. Low traffic mah this blog has.


  1. random patrol?
    Geez, i think they will be like:
    "Abu! Long time nvr patrol here lar. When was the last time har? 20yrs ago? Anyway, Jom roti canai!"

  2. i doubt i would have chance to seee that car here:P unless it's been courier to the east m'sia :D

  3. You know the thing you do, scratching off sentences with a line instead of erasing them, hahahaha...those are really funny...dripping with sarcasm~~ :P

    I had to read quickly through your post to check if the stolen car is yours...

    ME: Wah, this Benard--becoming a thief magnet!

    But obviously not.

    I'm not sure if I can be of any help, unless they disassemble the car and sold it somewhere else--but by then won't be able to recognize the car anymore.

    But don't be discouraged though! I still believe in the goodness of people and maybe the car will eventually be found. :D A car is bigger than a laptop anyway. (Not that I'm hinting anything here~~)

    Go, go, go! :D

  4. 3POINT8: Hahaha, I understand what you mean... lol

    yipguseng: True also.... just trying to help...=p

    宝茹: Thanks thanks..... am trying hard here.... =p


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