Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sushi King @ The Spring

Hajime Mashite,

This post would be quite outdated as I am sure there are many blogs that have already blogged about this. Nevertheless, this is a post on Sushi King at The Spring, Kuching.

Went to Sushi King for a few times already and only today I manage to take pictures which indirectly says my Canon Powershot A70 is back. Repaired. No charges as the camera is manufactured faulty.

The exact name of the problem is the "Image Phenomena Due To CCD Malfunction". Lets see how long it will last before it broke down again like the previous few times. If its not for the friendly customer service, I would have complained on and on about it non-stop.

Back to the post. Sushi King. So far, there are two Sushi King outlets in Kuching. One is located at the Spring and the other one is located at Boulevard.

The "considerable" famous logo

When you enter Sushi King, you will hear the staffs there shouting their lungs out to welcome the customers. If one doesn't know it, it is as if they are scolding the customers for entering. Order green tea while waiting for your order as it compliments sushi. In other words, green tea is a MUST. Prepare your sauce and as with green tea, wasabi paste is a MUST when eating sushi. At least for me anyway.

Belongs to Sushi King

Aside from ordering from the menu for set meals, you can take your pick from the revolving sushi belt/the conveyor belt. After all, Sushi King is famous for its Kaiten Sushi aka Revolving Sushi.

Alright, lets move on with the some pictures of food. Like the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

Saba BBQ Set (RM19.90)
Deep fried mackerel in BBQ sauce with mixed vegetables served with egg custard, miso soup, steamed rice and ice cream

Saba Misoni Set (RM18.90)
Simmered mackerel in miso soup with french beans & eggplants, served with mixed vegetable salad with crabsticks, miso soup, steamed rice and ice cream.

Unagi (RM6)
This is my all-time favorite. Yes, I like eel.

Tori Karaage (RM3)
Crispy, Me likey

Tako (RM3)
Octopus, Me likey 2

Spicy Tuna Roll (RM3)

Sake (RM4)
What is sushi without raw salmon and I thought Sake is Japanese Rice Wine?

Sake Mayo Maki (RM3)
Sesame seeds, Me likey 3

Sake Kawa Temaki (RM3)

Mamakari (RM3)
Nice name. Like scolding people. Mamakari you ah

Kani Mayo (RM2)

Inari (RM3)
Another all-time favorite. Sweet

Inari Sandwich (RM3)
I prefer my Inari without Sandwich

Egg Mayo (RM2)

Ebikko (RM4)
Yet another all-time favorite. Yum yum

Deep Fried Scallops (RM4)

Chuka Iidako Bowl (RM6)
Baby Octopus is in favorite list. Yum yum

California Temaki (RM4)


Lastly, picture of the aftermath


There, done with the pictures. If you noticed, I am tried to remember all the sushi names and the price just for you guys. Luckily I have photographic memory, well that and also having pictures of the menu helps.

Below is the pricing for the Kaiten Sushi. It is priced according to the color of the plate.

RM2 - Blue Plate
RM3 - Beige/Brown Plate
RM4 - Pink Plate
RM5 - Red Plate
RM6 - Purple Plate

Lastly, there is a government charge of 5% and service charge of 10% of the bill's total.

Happy Sushi-ing.

Ja Owarida.


  1. Woi cilaka you the sushi all look so nice...make me hungry nia...

    But really la they look nice compared to the sushi in the Sushi King here.

    By the way they don't sound like they're saying irasshaimasu. They went from that to shaimasu and finally to masu. Stupid la.

    I oso use A70! What was the prob with yours? Mine was the screen went black. Also took it to repair and they didn't charge me too. Good thing. If not I would be cursing in my blog :P

  2. The logo sure is funny. What the--fish with a crown, sushi king?

    Fish says, "Wahahaha...I'm the Sushi King~~"

    Really, if in real life that way, hahahahaha.

    Ok, just ignore me.

  3. Wait, you don't have Sushi King in Phil?

  4. unagi !! unagi !! unagi !! *drools*

    by the way, salmon is 鮭. the alcoholic beverage is 酒. same pronunciation, but different kanji writings. hehe. :)

  5. Haven't heard of one. :(

    Google doesn't think so either. :P

  6. HI there Cometh..
    Ooo u peeked at my blog d'ya? [sorry if I was wrong okey]

    Hey.. ha'ah u r rite.. I'd read abt Sushi King new opening cmony.. from SweetSurrender..

    HEy.. I lurrve Unagi.. so yummylicious!! :)

  7. runawaycat: I think they looks the same but cuz of the photoshop then it looks nicer...=p

    Yeah, they tend to do that,...and shouting on top of their lungs...

    Oh, cool. Fellow A70 user. Yeah, your problem should be the CCD Malfunction thing. They should not charge you. It is their own manufacturing mistake.

    宝茹: Yeah, fish with a crown = sushi king since most of sushi made of fish meat.. =p Raw...

    levian: Yeah, UNAGI!!!!!
    Oh, my kanji sucks... like my mandarin...hehehehehe
    But good to know that... =p

    Tny: Yeah I did. That makes two of us loving 3 if Levian counted. =p


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