Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pork Rib Dish aka Pai Gu Wang


This is the friendly resident chef of BenardCometh Revelations taking over for this post in order to reveal to all of you the heavenly secret of making a heavenly dish.

This time around, you all will learn how to make delicious irresistible Chinese Pork Rib dish or known as "Pai Gu Wang".
(Pardon me, my Muslim friends. This is a traditional Chinese dish that uses pork as the main ingredient. However, you can always replace the choice of meat to beef or even chicken. The texture won't be the same but the flavor is.)

Just to show you what you will be making, here's a picture for you to get motivated.

Pork Rib aka Pai Gu WangPork Rib aka "Pai Gu Wang"

Don't drool all over now. In just a few simple steps, you will learn how to make the pork rib dish yourself. It is very easy to make and I will try to make it easier by making a graphical how-to.

The ingredients needed are:

Soy sauce
Sesame seed
Corn powder/Corn flour
Frying powder
Tomato sauce
Chili Sauce

Alright, done with the ingredients. Lets start shall we?

First of all, slice the pork into considerable size
Sliced Pork
After that, tenderize the meat by repeatedly "beating " the pork
(oh yeah, beat the meat)
Tenderize the porkTenderize Pork1
Beaten nice and tender
Pork with ingredients
After that, add some soy sauce
And some corn powder/corn flour
Pork with flour
Proceed to add some pepper
Pork mixture
The next step is to mix all of it together
Blend it all in with the pork
Pork ingredients
After that, cover the pork with frying powder
Pork Frying
Start frying
Pork Fried
Until it is has the golden crisp look
Golden Fried Pork
Till it is something like the following:
Pork Fried

The first part of making the dish is done. Now lets move on to making the sauce. The sauce is a very important element in the dish as it gives the flavor while the meat gives the texture feel. Mix together and you will get one heck of a dish.

So, the preparation of the sauce.

Slice the onions
Sliced Onions
Slice the garlic into small pieces
Sliced garlics
Prepare some sesame seeds
Sesame seeds
Stir-fry the onion with some oil
Stirfry onion
Then add the garlic and stir-fry somemore
stir fry mix
After that, add some sesame seeds

Ingredients Mix

When the mixture smells nice, throw in the pineapples and add some tomato sauce and chili sauce. Stir for a while and proceed to add some juice from the pineapple can. After that throw in the fried pork and proceed to mix them together.

Pork MixtureStirfry togetherMix mix

Before we continues, a little bit of info here. I am using the canned pineapple as it is easier. Fresh pineapple is always the best choice, but canned pineapple will do just fine.

Canned pineapple
Any brand of canned pineapple will do.

I am using this brand just because I am very patriotic. Very. Madness? Madness? This is MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!...
(Go watch 300 if you don't know the phrase.. Not the figure 300 that you draw yourrself.. its the Movie "300" , my dear Watson....=p)

Cubed PineapplePatriotic-nyerr

Anyway, lets get back to the focus of the post alright? It's the end already anyway. After stir-fry it for a while, just a while after you add in the fried pork, pour the content into a bowl and one pork rib dish is completed.


Pork Rib Dish- Pai Gu WangPork Rib Dish
(Pai Gu Wang)

And VOILA again.

Pai Gu Wang- Por Rib DishPork rib Dish - Different angle
(Pai Gu Wang)

Done. Happy trying and eating.


  1. u know how to cook???

  2. Thanks for sharing. It does look absolutely delicious.

    This I have to try.

  3. eiii chef, u really make me hungry!

  4. Oh, I definitely must try this at home. Thanks

  5. -et3rnal-: Know I do.

    932: Yeah, it IS yummy.

    big boys oven: It IS awesomely good. =p

    zack: Sure, no prob.

    nux_v: That is my purpose... =p

    kath: No prob. =p


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