Sunday, March 1, 2009

How to change Acer Aspire 5500 series keyboard

Now I am going to show how to change the keyboard on the ACER Aspire 5500 series laptop. Please bear in mind that if you are not confident enough in tinkering with your laptop then don't do it. In other words, kids don't try this at home. Ahem.

First of all. open up the panel cover of the laptop. To open the panel, you need to pull out the panel from the sides carefully.

Pictures are worth a thousand words eh.

The Laptop

Press down the LCD panel

Pull open the panel from both sides

Try to pry open carefully using fingers

Try another side

Pull open the panel cover

Panel Cover opened

Now, once the panel cover is opened you will see the two screws that fasten the keyboard to the laptop. Unscrew the two screws and then pull up the keyboard carefully because there are cable connected to the motherboard underneath.


The Two Screws

Unscrew the screw

Carefully pull up the keyboard

Don't pull out in rush

Slide up the keyboard

When you slide up the keyboard, you will see the cable and the connector. Here, you need to push both the side of the connector lock up to free the cable.

The cable with the connector

The connector

Pull out the keyboard cable

Get the replacement keyboard and insert the cable into the connector and push down the connector lock. Just like the way you pull it out but opposite way.

Insert the cable

Insert into the connector and push down the lock

A close up

Once you connected the keyboard, just put the keyboard back into place and then screw back the two screws. After that, put back the panel cover. Just push the panel down carefully until you hear the click or the fasten sound.

Assemble back

Congratulations, now you know how to change the keyboard on ACER Aspire 5500 series laptop, DIY yo.

Hope that is clear enough.

Happy Keyboard-ing.


  1. Wow, fascinating stuff dude!


  2. Thx for the tips man! However, I will not change it myself for sake of warranty :)


  3. Harold Fowler: Hmmmm, somehow I felt the comment not sincere....Ahem

    hyperX: Well, warranty will expire anyway and when it does, you would not want to pay RM100 for service charge to change the keyboard now would you? =p

  4. nice ! but my some button of keyboard not working how to clean them . one day many ants went inside my keyboard which button i pressed that stop working . so how to clean below button !

  5. lakhwinder: For laptop or desktop, basically you can pull out the keys and clean the underneath.

    However, please be warned that incorrect method will break the keyboard button's legs and thus render it broken. =P


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